22 new city police sworn-in

22 new city police sworn-in


PRESS RELEASE – Twenty-three newly hired city police officers, were sworn in Monday at a special ceremony in the Office of the Mayor led by His Lordship, Mayor Peterson D. Francis.

The cohort includes 9 women and 14 men, among who are former police officers from the Royal St. Lucia Police Force.

The first batch of city cops will have an opportunity to serve and protect in the City of Castries. The recruits will hit the streets immediately and will participate in a three month training and appraisal program. They will also attend the training academy of the police service as part of an ongoing capacity building program.

Over the past years, many shared the view that the City Constabulary Officers, now rebranded to City Police, lost their spark as the numbers dwindled, resulting in a security lapse and lack of law enforcement in the city. The new recruits will be an addition to the 13 constabulary officers currently employed. Another batch of recruits are expected by the first quarter of 2017 to beef up the unit to 50.

We can’t make change alone, His Lordship Mayor Peterson D. Francis said.

“Citizens and visitors alike have for too long lamented the creeping sense of insecurity in the city of Castries. Criminals cannot continue to act with boldness and impunity. We have come a very long way, and indeed I am delighted that the City Police idea I spoke to on several occasions is bearing fruit. The city’s police force will be committed to building trust and will have a positive influence on the community.”

His Lordship charged the recruits with two tasks: Treat everyone with dignity and respect and become part of the community. His Lordship stated: “The department’s aim should be to strengthen relations within the city’s neighborhoods. Community policing should be the backbone of what we do. This recruitment drive speaks of our commitment, my commitment, to maintaining law and order and restoring a sense of safety in our city.”

Mayor Francis thanked the city council, police leadership, and national security and local government ministers for their efforts.

In closing, His Lordship also thanked the officers for their current and future sacrifices.



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  1. Adding more policemen on the street is not the solution to the crime problem we have in SLU. Again the government and those in aurthority have no idea or maybe they are not interested is trying to find the root cause. They need to put their resources to work as police, detectives and individuals who up keep the law. Too many times, the police have no idea how to apprehend the criminals or even have an idea who the criminals are.Sad to see they are just adding a bunch who will join the police services and end up being like the lazy ones already fustrated and have no line in sight to a solution - Very sad.


  2. CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU, GOOD LUCK AND STAY SAFE! You'll need some muscles to deal with those tuff guys on the streets. Time to hit the gym and look more interesting.


  3. Enough with the pompous draconian titles - His Lordship papishow

    Its high time you'll stop referring to these politicians as Honourable and His Lordship.

    I realise we're piggy backing off the UKs constitution, justice and government systems.

    But for crying out loud not even the British refer to they MPs in the Media as Honourable Mr. XXX


    • I hope you not one of those who have straightened hair styles and that you wear you madras coloured shirts. It just a title you can ignore it in your heart.


    • they are not physically fit,, I hope part of the training includes some hand to hand combat techniques and other lock and holding positions, it can help with their baby bump looking abs, at least the do have the guts...


  4. Good luck to everyone of them. Fitness needs to be emphasized because they will be going up against young criminals who are fast on their feet.


  5. I see alot of older more mature gentlemen within this new City POLICE unit.
    A very good move in my opinion, hopefully they use their maturity to make very sound decisions as they undertake the all important task of cleaning our beloved city of thugs and crimminal offences in general.Congrats.


  6. There must be good communication among the city cops for instant back-up. They must operate like gangsters whereby they gang up on those criminals.


    • hope is not cell phones as main communication link.. that doesn't work.. hope they keep CB radios


  7. What about our NURSES. There are nurses working for more than 3 yrs on sessional contract. The PS what are u doing about this?????? Ministry of Health where is ur voice on this matter?????? We want change, make something happen. This is demotivating. This whole system is an embarrassment.


      • Why are there so msny retired nurses in the service, getting a pension and getting paid while the young nurses are doing sessions or force to leave the island? Who is runningthis system? This is just crazy to me, we talk wage bill but how many are getting double pay while proficient workers are denied a chance to upward mobility and the approach to things never modernise since you have the same ppl and ideas for 50 years


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