News2022-2023 Budget Attracting Rave Reviews At Home and Abroad!

St. Lucia News OnlineAugust 8, 202282523 min

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s first National Budget continues to attract rave reviews from Saint Lucians at home and abroad. The $1.8 Billion budget attracted praise from two local commentators writing in The Voice newspaper.

In his weekly column ‘Harris At Large’, veteran commentator on business affairs and former President of the Saint Lucia Industrial and Small Business Association (SLISBA) Edward Harris remarked that, ‘Finally, we have a budget where there’s something for everyone.’

In the same issue of the Voice Newspaper, retired educator Sylvestre Phillip concluded similarly that the ‘2022-2023 Budget had Something for Everyone!’

Both writers commended the prime minister and his administration for a budget that placed people before bricks-and-mortar.

Harris said the Budget “will be long remembered” by those who watched and listened, “ because “in spite of all that is going on in the world” the Prime Minister “presented to the nation a bold prescription to deal with the problems that confront us at this time and a positive outlook for the future…”

Describing it as “a clear and precise blueprint upon which to build our future,” Harris added: “It’s very clear that this budget gives citizens hope and is very likely to excite the minds of those who are interested in the social and economic advancement of Saint Lucia.”

For his part, Phillip noted: “The budget will cater for the youth, organizations where people congregate for services, the public service, pensioners, fishers, taxpayers, entrepreneurs, school children, persons receiving government subsistence allowances, farmers, persons with disabilities, persons with broken-down homes and manufacturers.”
He elaborated on each of his highlights and welcomed “that government will reintroduce the teaching of African Heritage in schools…”

In a final assessment of the budget, the ex-teacher graded the Budget this way: “My assessment of the 2022-2023 Budget is that it receives an A+ Grade, as the prime minister has made an excellent presentation that will not just touch, but massage the lives of the Saint Lucian people.”

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