2018 Ultimate Honeymoon Sweepstakes launched

2018 Ultimate Honeymoon Sweepstakes launched

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Saint Lucia Ultimate Honeymoon Sweepstakes 2018 has been launched in the United States. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority partnered with NBC6 Miami and the Harbor Club, the island’s newest resort, to offer the latest instalment in the sweepstakes series.

The official launch took place on Monday, June 18 with an interview special on South Florida’s lifestyle and entertainment show “6 in the Mix” on NBC6 Miami. While interviewing Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s Director of Marketing – USA Kelly Fontenelle, Host – Johanna Gomez shared a testimonial from one of the show’s producers who spent his honeymoon in Saint Lucia. “He said he had the best experience,” said Gomez as she spoke about the charm of the destination. Ms. Fontenelle highlighted the Saint Lucia’s hospitality stating, “our biggest asset is our people,” adding that, “Saint Lucia is made for romance.”

South Floridians were reintroduced to the many wonders of the destination and its suitability for all types of vacations. The television update featured new destination footage showcasing the island’s culture and natural beauty. Ms. Fontenelle also profited the opportunity to remind viewers of the increase in destination airlift this winter with the addition of a second American Airlines flight beginning from Miami starting December 19.

Another feature of the interview was an overview of the Summer of Discovery promotion, which runs from June to September. The promotion gives one lucky holidaymaker a chance to win US $10000. Its premise is to have visitors engage with as many of the island’s sites and attractions. 25 iconic sites have been chosen by the Tourism Authority to showcase the island in the areas of Family, Adventure, Dive, Health & Wellness, Romance, and Culinary. The promotion also offers savings of up to 65% at participating hotels.

Speaking on the importance of the sweepstakes, Ms. Fontenelle said ”With the new American Airlines flight this winter, this year’s promotion has special importance giving us an ideal opportunity to update millions of Floridians on the travel opportunity. Miami is our closest US hub and the sweepstakes attracts tens of thousands of couples seeking their next romantic getaway.” Ms. Fontenelle added, “it is an ideal opportunity to promote the destination.”


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  1. Many of friends/coworkers would love to visit st lucia, but since 2011 ticket prices are going up. If flights are cheaper more visitors would visit st Lucia. Look at Barbados a couple can book airfare and hotel for $1000.00. For st Lucia that is impossible. American Airlines has no competition so hence the reason for a flight to cost you $827-950 per person. Waiting for a flight to come out of Fort Lauderdale, their flights are normally cheaper.


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