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2018 list of licensed eating establishments and bakeries approved by the Public Health Board

By Ministry of Health

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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The 2018 list of licensed eating establishments and bakeries has now been published by the Department of Environment Health.

The public is being called upon to scrutinize this list to know who has made the list and who has not.

The Public Health Board via the Department of Environmental Health has published the list of licensed and approved eating establishments and bakeries for 2018. The public is being called upon to peruse this list which provides the name and location of the approved establishments.

The Public Health Board’s primary function is to improve and protect the health of the public.

Ag. Senior Environmental Health Officer, Karen Joseph said the Department of Environmental Health will continue to work with establishments that have not made the list to get up to the required standard.

“Over the past four years the Department of Environmental Health has consistently published that list and we do that under the direction of the public health board, which off course we get our mandate from. This list would represent food establishments that have met our standards, they have complied and they have registered. The establishments that would comprise that list would include general food handling establishments, bakeries, bakery outlets and so on. We are actually aware of the fact that there are food establishments that do not meet our standards. We are trying hard to work with them so that they could actually be on that list and become approved.”

The Public Health Board has the authority to shut down any food handling establishment that consistently fails to meet the established standard and so defaulters are encouraged to get up to par.

The Senior Environmental Health Officer stated that there is an ongoing surveillance programme at the department that would pick up new and existing establishment that meet all requirements and are approved.

The names of these establishments would be place in a supplementary list published in November.

“We really want to tell the general public that to please be guided by this list. We are hoping that we can do that joint job of ensuring that both the consumer and the public at large eat food under safe conditions and at safe food handling establishments.”

The list of licensed eating establishments and bakeries has been gazetted, published in the weekend newspapers and placed online.

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  1. So y'all ain't t notice KFC ain't on there,🤔

  2. So ummmm massy didnt make it uh.

  3. Elizabeth Wallace

    What about certain bakeries that the Department of Environmental Health seem hellbent on harassing. Every time is something new to be added. Shouldn't there be a standard list of "Standards" to follow?
    Why aren't these officers noticing the so called faults/errors the first time around?
    I strongly believe that attention should be given to the small eating places in the market, where running water is minimum, people hover over seated customers as they pass, vendors sell items in the doorway, when it rains the passageway is deplorable. What about it Department of Environmental Health?
    For one bakery not on the list, you can eat off the floor. I have had the privilege of doing business with this place and visiting the working area of this establishment. The place is spotless, the workers appropriately dressed.
    If this place is not on the list, why are there regional bakeries selecting this establishment as a training ground for bakers and pastry people? WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN THIS BAKERY? Be fair, you people!!

    • Maybe next time familiarize with the standards required. You can get it free of charge before just spouting off.

  4. I work hard for my monies. No government or institution will tell me where I should spend my monies. What next you lot will soon tell which woman to f........... Hello these hotel have the worst food. I work in the industry and as a head chef I was told no wastage so reuse the food. I left and I told every family friends of mind to stop eating at big establishment they all are the worse.

  5. This list should have been published 1st January 2018. Makes no sense now!

  6. I do not see any Chinese restaurants on that list yet there are so many of them opened in Castries. Their restaurants are filthy, why isn't the ministry of health doing something about them?

    • Concerned Parent

      Hi. To be fair a handful of Chinese restaurants are on the list. Sue Ben and New Ocean (in V.Fort), and in Castries I see Sea Town & New Town are both on the list.

      Now these pale in comparison to the number of Chinese restaurants open overall on the island, but let's give those few who made the list their props.

      It is now for us Lucians to STOP EATING at establishments which didn't make the list.

  7. Those not listed are unlicensed and therefore illegal. What actions will be taken to boost this failing economy ?

  8. Thank you SNO for bring us this very important story. This story surely gets to more citizens here than it would on the St. Lucia Gazette. I did observe that these establishments were licensed for the period 1 January, 2018 to 30 June,2018. We are 18 days into the month of July. Why publish the list at the end of the Licensed period? Are these eateries presently not Licensed? Is the Department of Environmental Health presently actively engaged in re-licensing these establishments? I am sure St. Lucians would love to know.


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