2016 Gros Islet Football League Awards Ceremony

2016 Gros Islet Football League Awards Ceremony

32bbbe71-932b-400a-80e1-21b43067f09ePRESS RELEASE – During 2015, the district of Gros Islet secured championship titles in three of the six National competitions namely; Under 18, Under 23 and the Super League competition.  

Numerous executive members also secured spots on national delegations and within the national football structure.  All of these successes were as a result of the joint effort of the league’s executive; the establishment and functional operation of the league’s various clubs and teams; and most importantly the talent and perseverance of the players within the district.


In an effort to highlight and recognize the efforts of the players, administrators, coaches, officials, supporters and sponsors, of the sport, in the district for the period January to December 2015, the Gros Islet Football League will hold its Inaugural Football Awards Ceremony.  The 1st Annual Gros Islet Football League Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday February 28th, 2016 at the Bay Gardens Hotel Conference Room from 7 pm.


Find a list of short listed nominees and award categories below:

Category: Individual Awards

U16                             Striker: Linus Clovis and Daniel Biscette

                                    Midfielder: Grabiel Biscette and Kimani Jeremie

                                    Defender: Sebastien Ribo and Gaius Godfrey

                                    Keeper: Alstan Estephane, Donel Edward


Category: Individual Awards (Cont’d)

U18                             Striker: Aaron Richard and Nictus Lawrence

                                    Midfielder: Kadeem Ellis, Tev Lawrence

                                    Defender: Melvin Doxilly and Gaius Godfrey

                                    Keeper: Murray Jules and Naquain Rocke


U23                             Striker: Aramis Lorde and Tonius Simon

                                    Midfielder: Eden Charles and Charlery Mathurin

                                    Defender: Otev Lawrence and David Sam

                                    Keeper: Caster James and Allian Ashby


Senior                         Striker: Troy Greenidge, Elijah Louis

                                   Midfielder: Everton Lambert and Eden Charles

Defender: John-Perry Joseph and Otev Lawrence

                                    Keeper: Randy Poleon and Caster James      


Category: Coaches Awards

            Community Achievement Award: Francis Mc Donald and Dermot Chris Monrose

            Coach of the Year: Daran Gaspard and Francis Mc Donald 

            Lifetime Achievement Award


Category: Team Awards 

  •       Most Disciplined Team          
  •       Most Improved  Team    
  •       Team of the Year


Category: President’s Award

  •      Academic Achievement Award
  •      Outstanding Youth Player
  •      Fan of the Year
  •      Longevity Award
  •      Executive Member of the Year
  •      Most Impressive Player 


The Gros Islet Football League would like to express profound appreciation to its sponsors whose assistance is ensuring that plans for the events are well into its advanced stages.

Some of the sponsors for the night’s proceedings include the National Lotteries Authority, Digicel, SLFA, Vizion Entertainment, Honourable Emma Hippolyte, St Lucia Air Freighters, Scott Sports and Awards, Red Dot Supermarket, C&M Touring Services Limited, Bay Gardens Hotel. 


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