2015 fatal crashes down in Saint Lucia

2015 fatal crashes down in Saint Lucia

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The Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has reported a decline in road fatalities for the year 2015.

In its annual Traffic Department Report revealed that a total of 1599 vehicle collisions were recorded, 353 of which were serious, and 1,235 were minor accidents.

According to the report, 11 major crashes and 14 fatalities were recorded, with the highest number fatalities resulting from motorcycle crashes.

The report also revealed over 500 collisions occurred within the city of Castries. One hundred and fifteen were serious collisions and five resulted in fatalities.

Most of the fatalities were recorded along the Bexon highway. The Bexon highway also recorded a total number of 71 collisions; with 40 were minor accidents, and 27 serious ones.

It was also reveled that 9,256 tickets were issued with 3,735 resulting in convictions.

Some $494,150 was collected from the issuance of traffic tickets.


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  1. I like the part where I read about the money. We lucians too stupid. why we selling our heritage through passports, when we can make 4 million from bad driving while saving lives! we need to reschool our police force beyond killing and crime. start going on patrol for bad drivers, expired license, no insurance, disturbance and noise. add more Deputy DPP or whoever to hear those cases, and make money. by the time the fools get the message we than take 10 million at least from them already. and remmeber this is not just taking money. money is circulating so when we use it for different puroposes even the fools we take it from end up benefiting in terms of safer roads, safer country....


  2. The statistics seems to say that more tickets still need to be issued in order to curb bad driving rabbits. .Eventually the government will wake up to the fact that "bad" drivers not all could be a big boost to the government coffers through the issuance of tickets while saving lives..
    Much more need to be done with regard to road safety


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