2013-2014 Budget will assist economic growth, press secretary says

Shannon LeBourne, Government Information Service

Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel, press secretary to the Prime Minister

The 2013/2014 budget will be fair and equitably designed to stimulate economic growth while addressing the challenges confronting the nation in a real and honest manner.

That’s according to Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.

She said the current economic climate requires creative and strong leadership.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Government Information Service (GIS), the press secretary disclosed that the prime minister will unveil several exciting new programmes and policies for the new financial year.

“It is important because of the critical times we are facing that the government of Saint Lucia reflects what the message has been to the general population over the last few weeks, but it is also critically important as a government to bring to the population a message of hope and inspiration. The people understand that these are difficult times but they are looking to the government of Saint Lucia for direction,” Jn Pierre-Emmanuel said.

The press secretary said while there are serious fiscal challenges, government will use the 2013/2014 budget to continue leading by example. She said government recognises the present environment leave no room for wastage and or extravagance.

“Because, while government must reflect the sacrifices that are necessary at this time, it must also put policies in place and take action that will in the long run will redound to the benefit of all Saint Lucians and seek to address some of the critical problems the country faces.

“In difficult times like these, it is necessary that the government does some readjusting and begin to reset it priorities, but at the same time it cannot compromise some of the necessities; government cannot compromise the national security, health and the quality of education that is provided to the population; so this is a budget that calls for a certain level of creativity and a bold style of leadership, and am sure the population will not be disappointed by the plans that will be articulated by the prime minister when he presents the budget in the coming weeks,” Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.

Anticipation for the national budget is extremely high with citizens and stakeholders in every sector await the announcement on the government’s policies and programme for the 2013/2014 financial year.






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  1. You know this is the disrespect that those in Government have for the people. There is nothing in this budget that will ensure that we get out of the rut we are in economically now. Our balance of payments suck we aint exporting nada and is more taxes to suck middle class blood. This budget should be called the "Bloodget"

  2. I don't want To hear about new policies - in this budget I want to hear about a new airport terminal to start construction this year or next yr - when will the dennery hospital will commence construction? Who is interested in purchasing the Daher Mall & what about the Castries Harbour project - what year will the gov expand the Gross Islet 4 lane highway???

  3. A whole set of bulshit every year! What does the press secretary know about budgets and the economy? When the IMF steps in I want to hear what she will say! What is the chief economist saying?

    Same shit every year!!!!!

  4. that's right ginger.

  5. Choops!!! Same Shat different day!!


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