“$20,000 a month and nothing to show for it” – Guy Joseph slams SLP’s flood mitigation plans for Bexon

“$20,000 a month and nothing to show for it” – Guy Joseph slams SLP’s flood mitigation plans for Bexon
Flooding in Bexon. * File photo
Flooding in Bexon. * File photo
Flooding in Bexon. * File photo

Castries South-east MP Guy Joseph has said he will not carry on with a flood mitigation plan for Bexon as proposed by the former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration because it is flawed and ineffective.

He believes that a new approach is needed and in that regard, he will reassess the matter to find proper solutions to the longstanding flood problems at Bexon.

According to Joseph, the SLP had proposed the building of a barrier around the Bexon Primary School, the replacement of a bridge in Crown Lands and building walls at the Odsan Junction.

“After four years of the Labour Party in government and one year of the UWP back in office we cannot be given a proper design for a bridge; and I can tell you, there was a project coordinator in charge of implementation of this project who was getting paid maybe over $20,000 a month for all the years of that project, plus the price of the consultant, and we have nothing to show for it today,” Joseph told reporters.

Joseph believes that the idea to build a barrier around the Bexon school is unreasonable.

“I refuse as parliamentary rep to go and build a berm around the school when everybody else’s house would flood before the school floods… The school is in a corner away from the river and at a higher elevation than all the houses in the Crown Lands area. So, when the houses are six feet under water the school is not flooded yet. Yet still, the solution that the consultants came up with was to go and build that berm around the school and to leave the people’s houses as they are,” he said.

“…How do I go and explain to the lady whose house gets flooded every time it rains in Bexon that I built a wall at the Odsan Junction to prevent that? Is that what they want me to go and do as parliamentary representative? I refuse to subject the people of Bexon to any more embarrassment that they have in the past,” Joseph said.

The minister believes that residents should be told that no solution can be found, if that is the case, instead of devising “make shift ideas” to let the people believe “that we are helping out their situation.”

According to the MP, a study regarding flooding in Bexon was halted because consultants wanted to be paid more money to design the bridge.


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  1. No matter what you say about Guy Joesph he is full of common sense and obviously, this is something you cannot get from engineering school if you have none, to begin with. SMDH.


  2. The sorry state of engineering in SLU...... book smart but with no imagination. Their solution for all flooding is to build stupid walls which just moves the problem to another location. Gay Joseph may not be articulate or a master of the Queens English but more times than not he makes absolute sense.


  3. Guy is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. He can't even find a toy in a toy store


  4. All this guy does is blame SLP for everything. What did his party do to help the problem and what did he do as the rep for the community? Do your job when you have to and stop blaming people and trying to put money in your pocket.


  5. every time mate open his mouth na fashey.

    Isnt bexon basically below sea level? Bexon has been flooding since the valley formed thousands of years before ancient Egypt and it will still be flooding thousands of years from now. If you let nature take its course, silt from the mountains will eventually fill the valley up and raise its elevation, reducing the flooding 10,000 years from now.

    You can either build cheap walls like consultants hired under SLP suggest or go the more expensive (and effective) route of Trinidad and dig the river and plaster it with concrete.

    Either way, the flood waters will continue flowing from the barre d'lisle. Maybe eventually people will stop building on a flood plain, or banks will stop entertaining the idea...who knows. but for now, pay la.


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