1st National Bank launches mobile banking app

1st National Bank launches mobile banking app
Andy Delmar.
Andy Delmar.

With the release of its MoBanking App for the Android and iOS platforms earlier this month, 1st National Bank has reiterated its commitment to serve the interest of its clientele within and beyond St. Lucia, which it has served for 76 years.

The Bank’s mobile app provides unique features aimed at offering unprecedented convenience to its growing customer base through features such as “Buddy Payments”, and deposits to accounts held at other banks.

The move is the latest in the Bank’s commitment to “Maximizing the customer experience”, a concept which resonates through its foremost strategic objectives.

The mandate required an assessment of the nation’s banking environment to identify and address its customers’ greatest concerns.

This approach has seen the restructuring of its lending mechanisms to greatly improve processing time for loan applications, the embrace of cutting-edge banking technology to refine internal processes, and now, the release of the Mobile App.

When asked about the timing of the move, Managing Director Mr. Andy Delmar sees the introduction as a valued add channel which will allow the Bank’s customers greater convenience and better use of their time. “The mobile app is one initiative that delivers on our promise, “1st National Bank here for you”.

The smart phone penetration rate in St. Lucia was found to be more than sufficient for this release, and the advent of 4G technology introduced by the island’s major cellular companies provided a stable platform to support financial innovation.

Our efforts are accordingly directed at serving a customer base increasingly drawn towards technological solutions. It certainly will offer peace of mind to parents of students completing courses overseas who also hold our international debit cards, knowing that they can transfer funds to their loved ones at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day, without having to set foot in a branch.”

Mr. Delmar further stated: “Our level of investment in this technology is preemptive. We are an institution with a longstanding record of firsts, and are committed to making a bold reiteration that 1st National Bank will continue to invest in the advancement of the St. Lucian community. We are an institution founded on creating opportunities, and while our methods may change to keep abreast with the needs of our customers, our commitment to the development of our nation remains steadfast. ”

The Bank’s enduring intrepidity can be traced to its very origins, when it opened its ledgers to customers who fell well below minimum deposit requirements of the day, and was the first to amend its lending policies to accommodate the needs of banana farmers.

In 2004 1st National Bank was the first institution to launch Mobile Banking on the island and is currently focused on getting young St. Lucians to invest in land ownership with its exciting 1st future land loan promotion.

Details and features of the innovative release can be found at www.1stnationalbankonline.com.


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