19-year-old Hospital Road resident missing

By SNO Staff

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has published a missing person’s report on its Facebook page for 19-year-old Sora Charlemagne, a resident of Hospital Road, Castries.

Charlemagne was last seen at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 at the Castries Market, police said.

She is about 5 feet 2 inches tall.

“We are seeking the assistance of the general public in locating this young lady. Anyone with information is asked to call the nearest police station or the Criminal Investigations Department at 456 3770,” the RSLPF has stated.

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  1. did sharon take her meds..

  2. did she taje her meds..

  3. Sharon, I believe you are sitting on the wrong end because everything that come out of your mouth is pure shit. You are a very ignorant individual, seeking attention at any cost . You should be charged for stupidity!!! Why don't you make your parents proud by shutting your damn mouth for once. Every time I read a post from you, you sound more stupid than ever..... you have been noticed now, will you shut the he'll up? Cheers!!!

  4. Hope she's found safe. She's 19 and probably just want some alone time (but she should let her family know). Pray you safe my girl. You old enough to go out, so call home.

  5. 238 square miles and you missing...And she was by the Market,no body see nothing fishy going on....A beautiful girl missing.Just like that in front of a whole heap of people,She just drop off the earth,she disappear into thin air...We have a serial killer in St.Lucia,that kidnapping people...Because people all over by the market,you'll saw nothing.
    .I hope this young lady is found alive,And St.Lucia i wonder if people have dungeons under their houses keeping kidnapped people.....St.Lucia St.Lucia....


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