17-year-old cheating on girlfriend with a male

17-year-old cheating on girlfriend with a male

Dear Willie:
I am 17 years old and I really don’t know what to do.

My best friend and I had something going on for a short while, but this best friend was a guy. We ain’t gay. I was his first  and he was my first; just two normal guys having fun and it happened.  But I really like girls and I am currently in a relationship but don’t know how to tell my girlfriend, the woman I want to be in my life.

I was cheating on her with my same gender for three months. But I am  feeling if we break up she will tell the whole of St. Lucia that I had sexual activities with a guy. Please what should I do Willie?

Dear Sir: At first I had to rub my eyes twice and asked myself what the *** am I reading? Is this a joke or something?

You claimed you and another male took each other’s virginity and you had been cheating on your girlfriend with a male for three months. And you’re not gay? I would love to smoke what you’re smoking. Seriously.

OK let me tell you what’s happening here: YOU’RE GAY!  And no, it’s not an accusation. You’re gay. And it’s not passing judgment on you, but you’re gay. If you’re not 100% gay, you’re bisexual.

Let me address the issue now. If you don’t trust her, do not tell her because she WILL definitely tell the whole of St. Lucia. You know the females here already: when you and them fall out, they will tear you apart by whatever means necessary, including using their mouth. Yea, I don’t care what the females reading this think. They can blast me for eternity, the truth is the truth. Ya’ll are vindictive and spiteful.

Keep your mouth shut son.

And on another note, you’re 17 and talking about the woman you want to be in your life? Did you pass any CXC subjects dude? Are you working or furthering your studies? You’re here talking about anal pleasure and relationships. Come on, get a grip.

If you wrote us out seeking attention and entertainment, I encourage you to find something better to do with yourself and time. And whosoever do not like how I answered this, well that’s your problem. I tell it like it is. Read the disclaimer below, though.


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  1. lucians sooo IGNORANT. Every person deserves to leave their life how they should. Even if he gay he av the same rights.


  2. young blood its adam and eve where did that adam and steve came from from get lost and leave willie alone dont confuse willie u son of a gay bastard


  3. All we talk bout is bullets spreading AIDS well u all should wake up n smell da coffee cause day not da only ones to blame men n women dat ca keep to day self always tinking day should b all over da place day r da ones spreading diseases so stop pointing fingers an fire for all so call people dat calling out gods name n u all dont even no wen last u all prayed if u all no da bible so well den u all should no wat he said wen they were about to stone da prostitute


  4. Do u guys even no what the meaning of GAY he is not gay he is Mabe bisexual. Sweetie if u don't think it's a good idea to tell her don't Caz that girl will fuck u over yes I am stlucian and I am a female I no a lot of Lucian girls will go and tell the whole world, if u don't want to be in the open keep ur shit to urself. If u want to get it out ur head speak to ur parents or someone u can confined in and if tjats wat u wanna do do let amyone tell u other wise everyone does what makes them happy


  5. man I hope you does have protected sex with this young lady cause you don't just put your self at risk but now you also put her at risk from catching a STD....and yes you are gay and just be proud of it and stay gay don't come along and mix up your life style with hers u gotta let her go man and you should also go take a test and allow her to take a test cause if by any chance she is infected by you this will just be another girl sleeping with a next man and he will also be infected and it will all be OUR FAULT!!!