17-y-o St. Lucia just a few steps away from becoming Caribbean’s youngest commercial pilot

17-y-o St. Lucia just a few steps away from becoming Caribbean’s youngest commercial pilot

stlucianpilot3-918x58817-y-o Claire Daisy Charra is currently very close to becoming the youngest commercial pilot in the Caribbean.

The young woman, who attended the International School of St. Lucia, is currently training at Cirrus Aviatio, a small flight school in Florida.

Charra, who was being interviewed by The Caribbean Scoop, said that persons will not have to worry about such a young pilot flying them to their destination as she has been taught the very same things that much older pilots have been taught.

The full interview can be had on The Caribbean Scoop .


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  1. Good young lady, you are a perfect role model to our young people. The sky is the the limit.Go for your dreams. I wish that all our young people would take the oppertunity to reach their goals, especilly the ones that are being supported by family and friends,because without support there is so much you can do, especilly in St.Lucia. MAY GOD GUIDE YOU......


  2. All the best as you continue your training .....remain focus,remain positive. God blessings to you young lady. Ladies and gentlemen this is flt # AI 2033 .. I am Claire your Pilot for this journey and we will be flying at 11,000 ft. Oh it's such a beautiful day for flying. go girl.


  3. many congrats young lady. I always wanted to be a pilot and my short visioned parents refused to fund my passion so I ended up in a classroom teaching. Now my son wants to be a pilot and I will do all i can to see him get there. once thats what he wants. Age is no barrier. The sky, you can conquer. Go Daisy


  4. Do we know our pilots age?? Half the time we don't even see the pilots. Be too happy to get where we going. Good luck young lady!


  5. Omar, for a minute open your mind to the bigger picture .
    What if she got her PhD at the age of 17 and she become your boss.
    Are you telling me , would walk away from your workplace ?
    And if you have a daughter or son -perhaps you need to start instilling in them , that they are not too young to become anything they wish or too old to start a new chapter in their life .


    • the point I try to make is, you can go into any profession but you starting as a Assistant Manager or Co Pilot, get years of experience in your profession and then be in charge of your position.
      (Experience you can not learn,it come gradually with time in your profession)


      • Correction Omar...Though it takes years to gain maturity within a profession, it only takes Flight Hours to acquire capability as a pilot.


      • I agree with you Omar. Also, she will not be the the pilot and no airline will put anyone in the pilot's seat unless they have a certain amount of flight hours (in your words experience).
        Flying especially a commercial airplane has strict rules especially with recent event. I am proud of her achievement at such a young age and we should wish her well.


      • Hence why we go through formal training to acquire knowledge and skills.
        It's true that experience comes a long way but no one will be station in a position because they are too young to move to the upper level .
        People who are experience and has 20 years of experience still learn each day . You know what's funny, these same young one's are the one who conduct workshops or programs . For instance using technology in the workplace .

        Keep this in mind . No matter your age or lack of experience - any qualify person brings in a unique skill to any organization that they join .
        Break the mentality and start allowing the young generation to prove themselves . Give them the opportunity to bring about new ideas to the businesses.
        Don't feel to comfortable in your chair because you are there 20 years .. With 30 years a of experience .
        Anyone can come and take it away as long as they can prove themselves from the initial stage of the interview .
        Especially if you do not show the ability to elevate yourself .


  6. I would not feel safe if a driver age 17 would drive easeiy breakable goods . How could I feel safe if a 17 year old pilot carry this??
    As co pilot yes, but as pilot in charge ??


    • If everyone lacked confidence, trust and drive just like you did, oh what a sad world this would be. Everything is breakable these days except the will of God and He knows it all.


    • Good going young lady. Great job !! And actually Omar she won't be in total control of the aircraft as she will be the first officer who will be assisting the captain. So from assisting the captain in command she will gain her experience and eventually move up the rank to be in command herself at some point.


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