$167-million OKEU Hospital to be opened next year

$167-million OKEU Hospital to be opened next year
Owen King European Union (OKEU) Hospital
Owen King European Union (OKEU) Hospital

(SNO) — The $167-million OKEU Hospital is expected to be opened in the early part of the first quarter of 2019 and Victoria Hospital (VH) staff are in the process of transitioning to the new facility.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Felix St. Hill said the process of relocating the lab, the morgue and radiology unit is nearing completion.

“The final transitioning will really take place with the in-patient services,” he told HTS News. “And we see within the next few weeks that we would actually be at least commencing activities to transition the in-patient services.”

He is confident that the new hospital could be operational within the next few weeks.

He said the VH will be looked at under a US$20-million World Bank primary health care project.

“With our World Bank Project soon to come on stream, a US$20-million investment, in the primary health care facilities, we are looking at the possibility of not only in the outer districts but also in the urban districts to review our health facilities by way of developing our primary health care facilities,” he explained. “So definitely VH is one of those we will be looking to see exactly we are going to do with these facilities.”

The hospital project, the largest of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean, is funded by the European Union.


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  1. I just don't understand some people. All of our lives we had to put up with good old Victoria where
    my dear Mom died (due of course) to the lack of everything, you name it, the technology, supplies,
    and what else. I would have paid anything to see her live another day. Today we have the 'State of the Art'
    complex and what do some people do? complain, find fault, condemn the administration, what else.
    Thank God there is some light at the end of a long tunnel starting from the reign of Queen Victoria
    to some young folks with a vision; give it time, St.Jude will be finished and Soufriere too, so relax.


  2. The opening of the OKEU is hopefully a step towards improving the health care in St. Lucia bu the government seems to be mum on the nature of the hospital. Will it remain a Public hospital, or are we moving towards public-private or totally private. And whatever the choice what would it mean for employees, patients, and the St. Lucian population.


  3. Pressure buss pipe ! So "The Extruded Product " don't want to sell the [GIFT] by the European Union anymore ? In the words of Dirty Harry "a man got to know his limitations". The healthcare system has been in shambles, one would think he would make this his highest priority of his tenure, instead he held out with the mindset of leasing this hospital to outside private entities while opting of entertaining the thought of building Ten Hospitals for St Lucians; while the people who are in need of quality care (those who can afford to) have to resort to flying over to Martinique for primary care. He even had the audacity to go there to laud them for our shortcomings the absolute shame of it. No Confidence at the highest power !


    • Hey dude what the hell are you talking about? Luckily we can afford the Wellness Centre and it is operational. I suggest that you pay them a visit.


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