UPDATED: Teen charged for possession of firearm and ammunition

By SNO Staff


A teen who was arrested this week for the possession of a sub-machine gun has been charged.

Police said Kerlan Leon, 18, of Gros Islet was charged yesterday (June 15) for the possession of an illegal firearm and possession of ammunition.

He was arrested for the possession of a Mac-11 firearm and ammunition during a routine police patrol on Chapel Street, Gros Islet, around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 14.

He is in police custody awaiting his first court appearance.

According to the Fire Arms Act of 2003, a conviction for control or possession of a restricted firearm carries a fine of not less than $10,000 or imprisonment for a term of not less than five years; on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for a term of not less than ten years.

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  1. There are so many stupid remarks on here but then again people are entile to their opinion. People are so quick to say lock him up and throw the key, yes it's wrong to have that kind of stuff in the streets, but it's so quick to put pics of these kind of people. whatever happened to the man who rape the 7 year old
    I guess his face refused the camera.

    • I totally agree with what you have said but looking at most of the other comments I would say St Lucia we have a problem! People have been quick to judge this unfortunate kid! let there be only one judge for this kid, the heavenly father! Going by peoples comments to lock him up and throw the key or hang him there's not much hope for our young people/teenagers that fall, we should be there to pick them up, give them help when theyre crying out for it, guide them on to the right path not just lok them up and throw the key, like come on people where's your heart! give this kid a chance! don't go down the route of trying to make an example of him to try and scare others, it wont work!

  2. De man just start pushing a bab u have Mac 11, pretty face young & fresh let's see if you can survive Borderlais.

  3. You don't even have beard yet you playing bad!

  4. To be honest i like guns so i cant hate the man for a gun the police have so many they to does kill without cause there are people with legal guns to but brother man u too young to be on the streets with a machine like that what was your plan bro we all are humans buh i give u wrong to be so involved and i bet the gun is not yours brother man next time think of how hurt ur parents would feel before u get into that kind of trouble

  5. Back in the days I was a terror, I used to run the streets, in my sweet boy clothes wouldn't find one piece of jewelry on me, I walked with the simplest pair shoe, didn't look poor or rich, no one would even think I would I was involed in crime, but I had the law on my side, I had the leader of these ghettos boys on my pay role, i worked a normal job with average pay, in my days if I liked a girl and I call her, I would send some dough with my chatt, them days all thm boys just behind underage girls that hardly develop, boy I tell you, that's two different times, them boys broke and want kids for they woman how you expect to sureport your family..now that boy they catch can't be the head or brain behind this, before you crucify him, look at the heads, now young man do like me, change your life before life changes you or before it's too late, you see kama that eh playing, karma they call it not playing boy, it's better to chop of your hands, get shot compared to that karma you hearing of

  6. Put that piece of sh** in jail and throw away the key.

  7. Good job by the police.......but I do hope its not just about charging him for having a firearm eith out a license,I do hope the interrogate him until the get real answers as to where he got it and what was he about to do, that to me is much much more important than just a charge for illegal firearm.

  8. Badness it name

  9. There should be a cyber law authorizing the local authorities to access information (IP addresses etc...), if possible, of people encouraging such lifestyle, and possibly obtain their location.

    Any techies out there? Is that possible?
    If it is, how likely is it that there'd be a law to facilitate such in Saint Lucia?

    • There doesn't need to be a law to do that.

      Any web administrator can do it. Most all of St. Lucia's internet traffic, colloquially speaking, goes through a couple of server farms and a few cell towers.

      That said, sometimes, to use another colloquialism, "it's complicated".

      For those commenting/replying/posting on a web site using cell phones, the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is the first thing to be considered. Even for those using single-use quad-band (i.e. usable world-wide) cell-phones with a local SIM card, each unit has a uniquely identifiable number. Don't believe everything you watch on TV as to so-called single-use cell-phones being anonymous.

      For newer phones, there is the Mobile Equipment Identifier or MEID.

      For iOS devices, including the non-mobile phone devices such the iPod, there is the Unique Device ID or UDID.

      For PC's per se, to access the web, an ISP (Internet Service Provider) is used. The ISP has info on all subscribers, it's in the fine print when one signs up for access.

      That said, anyone that simply buys a used, scrubbed laptop and operates using strictly wi-fi in commercial facilities with no surveillance cameras is a bit more difficult, but, can also be nailed with a bit of effort.

      Implementing what you propose as a legislative instrument may sound great in a common sense way. However, that too needs to navigate a careful line with respect to privacy, freedom to speak, and national security. A prime example is the U.S.A.'s Patriot Act, an instrument that is common sense in the big picture of national security, but continues to raise some thorny questions as far as privacy and their rights under their Constitution.

      To summarize, the access of which you inquire is already available, both technically and enabled through existing, well-established legislative instruments. In St. Lucia, as with most other jurisdictions, where there is a credible reason to be investigate about matters related to, for example, criminal matters of those of national security, that's what a simple search warrant or court-facilitated tool is for.

  10. Some bullshit comments on here! For a start the police should be finding out where the gun is from and who supplied it! the kid is only 18 probably unemployed and caught up now in something stupid, such as P O F which he didn't even try to use. he could of shot the place up if the kid was that evil but didn't. Give him a break, so many of St Lucias teenagers could easily end up like this ,due to lack of education, unemployment and poor parental control/guidance . these type of young need help rather than being locked away and forgotten about! poor kid!

  11. We must focus on building strong families first. without mothers and fathers taking responsibility for their kids, and without the law going after absentee fathers and mothers to force them to look after their kids we will continue having young men wasting their lives and that of others. if a man walks away from his kids we must go after child support and visitation. if a woman leaves her kids, we must go after child support and visitation. the government also have to put in place some helping hand for struggling parents, even if its basic. at the end of the day society suffers when we birth fools, so we the society have to address this. rather than closing down secondary schools, we need to convert them to trade schools and look into taking in people as mature students even without CXC to train them to be useful.

    • That boy's parents may just be fifteen years older than he is. Just about 18 years ago, babies may well have given birth to this untrained baby monkey. How can babies producing more babies not produce just more immature piccanninies? The national idiocy continues. Which party is mainly responsible for shaping the future where we are today, when this immature child was just about three years old?

      The irresponsible destructive demagogues, the SLP. They were the ones in power, for the most part, in the last 15 years. They created the mess that the country that it is in today. They are still at it.

  12. Please keep this arse hole in prison where he belongs. Time to clean up our streets. Good job St Lucia Police

  13. good thing the police take it, he already looking to fleckeh to burst mac #a**hole

  14. straight SHOOTER

    Police is being over paid for doing nothing. always complain about low pay. It is time to prove your self that you are entitle for more money, some of you are plain lazy, corrupt bastards.

    • Not all cops are 'plain lazy corrupt bastards' but I get your point, the majority are! unfortunately its the same the world over not just in St Lucia!

    • Although I agree with you, don't say they are over paid, money can't buy your life

  15. persons who have money to buy a gun also have the money to pay the 10 000.-
    this law (like other ones) should be revised, to have a unlicensed firearm it means Prison and nothing else.

  16. Isn't that the same kind of weapon the same idiot that tried to rob the bar and was beaten up in Babonneau had?
    If that's the case, there might just have been a shipment that hit our shores...

  17. Continue criticizing!!! Continue, one thing I know when the rain falls it doesn't fall on one man's house top, today is his shower tomorrow might just be yours. Some of all you believe that all you children is saints but guess what? They are the real mothers hiding behind the closed doors at you all home, the real next generation of criminals of st Lucia, so continue criticizing those that fell into the cracks of society due to different circumstances. Continue!! Everything happens for a reason and if u all can't say anything good is best you all shut the f.... up. Gangsta say so

    • Five star G......You enabler you need to keep your fingers off the phone or keyboard or if you speak to your phone you need to keep your trappers shut. He likes to play stupid games he win stupid prizes. I say LOCK him UP.

    • Five star Goof, one presumes that, based on your comments, that you are idle because your school has run out of crayons.

      Please ask your teacher for more crayons such that you can continue being happy in kindergarten.

      God Bless.

  18. Young boy like that already causing problems in society. Get rid of him from now; as he can't add any value.

  19. Mate en even start to grow beard yet he have gun to kill people. Boy go and pitch some marbles.

    • It looks too much like a piece of road kill. When they let him out, I am taking a bet on its head. Another Piece of Sh++ like it will send it to hell.

  20. Lock him up and throw away the key

  21. One does hope that our law enforcement takes this very, very seriously. This isn’t grandpa’s 6-round 38 Special.

    One also hopes that they work carefully with off-shore jurisdictions re intel and serial number if not already filed off. They typically aren’t moved individually, there’s a shipping container or lorry sitting somewhere that would have had more. If it’s from a collection, what’s left (that wasn’t earlier first cherry-picked before even the “sloppy seconds” reaching SLU) will likely also include a selection of rifles, undesirable revolvers, some 9’s and a few gauges.

    The Tec-9 hasn’t been produced for a number of years, and was first popularized on American TV shows as a preferred fashion weapon of choice by younger types involved with gangs and narcotics. Now, it is more of a retro collectors item, given the evolution of firearms technology and evolving preferences for the latest “cool” weapons, such as Sig Sauer and and the latest lightweight polycarbonate hardware.

    One would hope that the enforcement officials also examine it to determine if it was a closed-bolt model or an open-bolt model, the open-bolt model being the preferred model by the bad guys because it’s very easy to convert to full auto.

    This showing up now in SLU might indicate that the seized weapon was part of a collection that was stolen from a private collector in the U.S. or New Yorico.

    Law enforcement really needs to sweat the kid on this and relentlessy, “no mercy, no quarter” with their full unharnessed authority pursue this investigation, hunt down those responsible, and make certain that it is well publicized, both for the peace of mind of our citizens as well as for the nervous travel agents and tourists that Google everything before they make any reservations.

    Aside from its acute lethality in the hands of a trained shooter with a high-cap mag, with it’s small size and it’s kick-back even in semi-auto mode, in the hands of an untrained, unlicensed shooter, most people don’t even hit at what they are shooting at, but rather can’t control the firearm as it discharges, resulting in needless innocent collateral damage.

    For context, this was one of the weapons used by the two “Trenchcoat Mafia” wack-jobs in the mass murder at the high school in Columbine.

    Here are a couple of links to give an idea of this firearm:



    The safety of our citizens is paramount.

    The government has a chance with this to show what it’s made of and take action with respect to a public safety agenda for our island and collaborating with off-shore jurisdictions. The opposition has an opportunity to take a bi-partisanm collaborative approach to unite in an issue of concern to all St. Lucians. Simply stated, deeds speak.

    God Bless.

    • this is not a tech 9 he was found with, it's a MPA930T to be accurate.

      • Interesting...




  22. Wanna be bad boy go give the law some cash ,the country is hard thanks to allen chastanet .

  23. where the hell he get a gun like this ?????

  24. Such idiots,i must say!

  25. O lord jesus

  26. He's such a good boy, very loving but just a lil bit troublesome at times and like to give jokes

  27. Don't worry my youth you must get bail. You must touch the road again

    • Uh huh...real hittas will take yall in the streets..not "ghetto yutes" real hittas no shells no body

      • shut up i hate ignorant people like yall all yall want to do is live a life of crime and put people in danger and you want to come here and talk badman we tired of people like you is all people like you that should go and fight in the middle east for them to kill yall

    • shut your ignorant ass allll the way up!!! situwez!! I hope you help him pay the assured bail you spoke about. You sound illiterate and as dumb as him!!! I say the law should wipe them alllll out as long as your're a menace to society lock their asses up to bull each other!!!! Digustingggg boy smh

  28. Mauvais (No Side)

    You damn fool,

    • Shut up

      • Nn one is perfect.,,today is his tomorrow is yours or your children.just pray for them

        • This has nothing to do with perfection. We have to stop hiding behind this BS and ignorance of "no one is perfect" and "Only God can judge me" bull Crap. There is basic common decency and there is perfection. No one is asking for perfection, but be a decent human being, protect life and make decisions that support and protect your life and that of others. Think cooperatively not selfishly, that's not perfection, that's being a normal human being. Too many split-mouth sue-too-wez in this damn place. Talking out of both sides of their mouth hoping to gain a $ from ill gotten gains.

          • I could shake your hands on that. True. True. True.

            If any of my children ever get involved in this kind of crap, I will disown them to hell and back. That is not what I taught them.

            Once you get involved in the 'killing business', you are just part of the walking dead.

            We may be born in extreme poverty, because we do not chose who make us as parents, but not of extreme stupidity. That is our choice to make.

          • Their buddies are always saying "no one is perfect" as if is a mistake they made. It wasn't any damn mistake!!! Walking around with such a high-powered firearm!! He wasn't going to use it to jack-up any car to help change a tire for sure!!! chooops

        • He is your angel by day but soceity devil by night....so the jokes he giving if i doh laugh I get gun down....send him n grow beard bordelais


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