13-yo girl suspected to be in the company of “known delinquent”, drinking and smoking at man’s house

By Ana Alleyne
Stacy Raymond

Stacy Raymond

Thirteen-year-old Stacy Raymond of La Ressource, Dennery has not returned home since she left in her Grande Riviere Secondary School uniform on Friday morning (June 16).

Catherine Raymond said she understands that her daughter is in the company of a 17-year-old girl, who she heard may be up to no good.

According to Raymond, she knows the name of her daughter’s alleged companion, but  has no other information about her as yet.

Catherine said, she has also received information that her daughter is in Vieux Fort and the 17-year-old may have brought her to the house of a male to drink and smoke. She said though she has no evidence from this rumour, she strongly suspects her daughter is in Vieux Fort.

She just does not know where in the town her daughter is located.

Catherine said her daughter, who is the last of her five children, and the only female, slept at her grandmother’s home on Wednesday, but this is the first time she has not returned in two days.

“I have not seen or heard from her,” the mother said, adding that a report was already made to the police.

A friend of the family told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the 17-year-old is a “known delinquent”, based on information received.

Anyone with information is being kindly asked to call Stacy’s mother at 723-5937.

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  3. Did u say innocence? I don't think she's an innocent because if she was she not be behaving in that manner. Them little girls have to much big women ways. Take all you time and grow and stop putting water in all you parents head. Sex not runing.

  4. Everyone know what they want. If she wanted positive then she would go home instead of traveling to vieux fort. Lose her life or innocence; that was her intention.

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  6. The young lady is 13 years why do we have her face plastered all over the news smh. Children do what they see at ?. From what I gathered in the news she was living with someone else and her biological mom took her back to her house. ??? Is someone in that house where she is living now is disrespecting her? Whence the reason why she left home and didn't return? Mom please when your daughter returns home please sit down with her and have a mother/ daughter talk with her in a calm collective way. Today's kids don't listen ? when you are ?. Talk to her as her mother not her friends. Best of luck mom/ daughter???

    • True, but this is a missing person. You must understand the urgency of the situation as opposed to the mere publishing of her face.

  7. lord have mercy

    Stacy know your SELF WORTH! Go back home...Blame no one she has a brain of her own

  8. honestly to the mother learn to be a real parent. A 13 year doing this nonsense, this shows she has very little respect for you. Stop blaming company. Was she forced to go to vieux fort. These new age parents get me sick. Take a lesson from our grand parents. Learn to put your foot down and show the child who is the parent. At the rate she is going she will just end up being another statistic, usual story single parent

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  10. To Stacy mom. This child was in good hands at bogus from baby she was getting love an you wait as she gets big girl you come an take her from the people. And see misery now . Poor Stacy now you a stray

    • I watch that child adopted mother pleaded with the mother and sister to live her child alone crying blood and look at what have become of the poor child.

    • The mother might have think she was doing the right thing, taking her daughter. Sometimes in doing so, we over compensate for loss time and that's the end result. My aunt did the some with her daughter and the child was walking all over her, until we all step in.

      • Maybe the mother was to hard on her but went girl at this age you cannot do to much with. Them because they see their friends doing things and they start full low they baby girl go home to your sweet mother

        • Love Conquers all

          seriously u cant do much with them. smh. alot of lucian moms and dads need to stop sitting by ppl homes and gossip and learn to run their homes effectively. even the bible says train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it. step up in yall kids lives and dont make excuses for little kids.

    • I know going that way is not good but she is not a stray she is a human being just like us a child who needs structure and discipline and to find the right way sometimes the rumors may not be true and we never know what can possibly happen I feel sorry for stacy hope god leads her home and protects her

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  14. i don't think publishing this story with such content will help this situation. i think it sets a stage for being ridiculed by others (knowing our st.lucian society). although i'm against her actions but we never know what she's being faced with at home to cause her to do such things. By just reading the details of the story which was most likely given by the mother, i can tell tell alot about their relationship. Some of our young st.lucian parents who spend countless hours on facebook should use half of this time browsing the internet for information on how to develop good and healthy parenting skills.

  15. Oh, the grief of mothers!

  16. Another by-product of SLP's mis-education system.

    • Dumb comment ?

      • You too, should not be so boastful about your dumb-ass education either. If you had been to exposed to the subject matter of sociology, you would not have had your ignorance so pathetically on display.

        A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You jackass!

  17. Some of us parents come on here and say all kinds of stuff about the kids. Some of the kids leave home or run away because they are not being treated well. Being abused verbally by parents. We have to love our kids, spend time with our kids, make them feel so comfortable with us so that they can feel at ease to tell us anything. Charity begins at home. If you treated your daughter right she would not have run away from home to stay with friends.

    • That is not always true. There are parents (mothers) that gives the daughter everything including love, and that doesn't stop the child from being wild.

  18. Parent afraid to go get he is children. The 17 year old parent need to assist as well. These little kids think they are big people

  19. She is old enough to tell her adolescent friend that she would not join her.The alleged male in VFORT should not accept that at his home unless he is an accomplice. Sex orgy must be going on!Who knows! She could be abducted too.

  20. Some kids getting too out of hands these days. Parents are loosing control. Children have control over parents. They come and goes as they please. . Many times I'm passing at night 9-10 p.m on school nights and children under 15 is still on the street with no adult supervision. Parents we need to take back control. We give them almost everything to keep them happy and too much freedom at hands.

    • lack of respect and discipline is what happens when parents telling teachers "DON'T TOUCH MY CHILD".

      • So true. Children fighting with teachers. Parents afraid of their children, teachers afraid of the students and outside adults can't say much without the parents coming and curse and fight you. You cannot tell other people children to go home without fear of you being assaulted. So many times that's the results.

    • This is what happens when ppl make children, and dont care for them, not there for them, dont guide them, is like this thing just came out of their vagina, and thats it. And it keeps getting worst, because then u gonna have them same children making children at and early age, this is why they say the generation is not getting any better. Although at times parents try, but sad to say they best are just not enough, u can make them but dont make their minds, good lucky my lady

    • But if their mothers are just children too. Only their hanging breasts tell a difference.

  21. Parents these young girls refuse to be girls , they want to be women before their time and stop blaming others for what you child does no matter the age, they know what they doing

    • If you were ever thirteen you should know the peer pressure alongside just growing up with all the so called technology that embraces both good and evil. We have technology which our parents can't work with we look up stuff that can blow our minds. Been there I know, it's only Jesus who stopped me from falling into the pit. My parents and grandparents love of prayer I strongly believe saved me.

  22. That ... there under plenty pressure!!! Lol!! When you in good house bad house does call you!!

  23. Bullshit story chpz what about a little girl that you'll pathetic parents can't handle chpz I'm 27 and I know better bullshit story

  24. Sometimes parents try to blame their kids disobedience and unruly behavior on their peers sometimes that child may be the ring leader! Your daughter doesn't sound like a saint . That child needs to stop bursting back and listen to her mother! Dick isn't running your time will come go to school and learn and stop running the streets

    • Easier said than done in this society that glamorizes the evil as educational. Pray that your children and grandchildren don't fall in.

  25. stacy crew

    • the mother isn't setting an example.look at her pics on fb with a young man

      • Wats here name on face book so I cud well look at her pics cuz u swear I saw this girl day b4

      • Alot of ppl may dislike ur comment, but yes it starts at home, we are hearing her story but not the real story, alot of them have no respect for they children

    • her mother can't set the example cus look at her with a younger man kissing on Facebook.so she thinks that a good life so she join the band wagon


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