RESULTS: Inter Commercial Futsal League

RESULTS: Inter Commercial Futsal League

DFB Futsal CupPRESS RELEASE – Scores for matches played in the round of 16 are as follows:

April 13, 2016- Saint Lucia Distillers went up against Peter & Co. Distribution-Grace.

Saint Lucia Distillers emerged as the winners with a total of 3 goals; Jamal Antoine scored 2 goals and Kevin Antoine scored 1 goal.

Peter & Co. Distribution-Grace secured 1 goal which was scored by Gaston Jerry.


April 13, 2016- Windjammer Landings took on Sandals- Halcyon.

Sandals- Halcyon emerged as the winners with a total of 3 goals. Simon Cleverland scored 2 goals and Zev Oculien scored 1 goal.

Windjammer Landings scored a total of 2 goals; Mikey Alexeander and Mandad Soudine each scored 1 goal.


April 13, 2016- Ministry of Infrastructure faced Sandals Grande.

Ministry of Infrastructure emerged as the winners with a total of 4 goals; Darnal Reynold scored 2 goals, Marvin Leonce and Stanley Prosper each scored 1 goal.

Shaquill Gaston scored 2 goals for Sandals Grande.

Sponsors of this tournament are Guinness, Domino’s Pizza, Seven Seas, Lucozade, Climax, Blue Waters, Kotex and Grace who jointly sponsor the tournament.


Matches continue on:

Thursday 13th April

Teachers Union VS Ark Tele Services 7:25pm

LIME/FLOW VS 1st National Bank 8:20pm

All games are played at the Beausejour Indoor Facility. Entry fee is $5.00EC dollars per person.


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