12-year-old threatens magistrate in open court in Tortola, BVI

12-year-old threatens magistrate in open court in Tortola, BVI
BVI magistrate
BVI magistrate

(BVI NEWS) — A Hispanic minor is likely to face criminal charges after he disrupted the Magistrate’s Court and made repeated threats towards Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Wednesday.

The seventh-grader enrolled at the Elmore Stoutt High School was the son of a mother who was before the court on criminal charges of her own.

His outburst started when the court placed his mother on $30,000 signed bail for assault.

“Let me see her face. I am coming back for you. I am coming back for you,” the 12-year-old shouted to the magistrate before attempting to storm out of the courtroom.

It took his mother and two police officers who were stationed inside the court to subdue the seemingly infuriate pre-teen.

Don’t make excuses for your son

Following the outburst, the Magistrate DaBreo ordered that the minor be brought before the court along with his mother.

“Do you think a child who comes into a court and threatens a magistrate is the proper result of good parenting?” Magistrate DaBreo asked the mother.

The mother told the court that she had never seen her son behave that way. She said when her son heard of the bail amount, he thought that the court would ‘take her away’ because they did not have the money.

“That’s no excuse,” the magistrate replied. “I sat here and explained to you the process. You see that attitude you have in making excuses for him? You are setting up your child for the biggest failure.”

My son is a good boy

The mother then told the court that her son is ‘a good boy’.

“I am a very strict mom. My son goes to church and he doesn’t behave that way. It is a surprise for me,” she said close to tears.

Turning her attention to the young man, Magistrate DaBreo then said: “I do not take threats and disrupting my court lightly. You are going to be charged.”

She continued: “And you are coming to my court smiling like it’s a joke? It’s not a joke so you will be charged with the offences that you committed here today.”

The magistrate said had she not taken a five-minute hiatus to ‘calm’ herself after the incident, “he was going straight to Balsam Ghut”.

“Every one of the people in Balsam Ghut; their mothers swear they were good.”

But after repeated pleas from the mother, the magistrate said if the young man received counselling for his anger and behavioural issues, and showed positive results, she may consider not levelling charges against the youngster.


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