UPDATE: 12-year-old missing girl found!

UPDATE: 12-year-old missing girl found!

12241529_922922114450409_8231060553836067249_nA 12-year-old girl from La Ressource, Vieux-Fort who was reported missing since Wednesday, has been found.

Britney Sobers, a student of Plain View Combined School in La Ressource, Vieux-Fort, was found in Shanty Town, Vieux-Fort, less than two hours after a report was published on St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

No further details were disclosed.

“I wanna say a big thank you to all those who shared the pic of the missing cousin, we found her,” a relative declared on her Facebook profile page.

Britney had been last seen on Wednesday afternoon, November 11, 2015. She reportedly returned home from school then left.

Sources say this was not the first time Britney had gone missing, but this was the first time she had been missing for so long.



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  1. It's so sad the things that child has gone through. She does need help, counseling and guidance. Poor child. Wish I had the means to take her in from the time she was a younger kid. Social services really need to step in before she becomes a victim of the harsh society we live in. This is a serious cause for concern.


  2. Are u serious something is definitely wrong maybe something is going on at home or maybe she is being neglected. This child could use conselling for sure .


  3. So Britney that's not the first time ok ! Then something is very wrong if she have done this before .At 12 years old that's unacceptable leaving home like this .Hope the matter is taken very serious and delt with before something worst happen to her


      • Fan Choo ee!! We make too many freaking excuses for these "mordernised kids" Something is always wrong in the home my ass!! Things just start to be wrong in homes? Nothing was wrong in my home growing up or your home? Did you ran away? My dad used to buss my mom ass! I never ran anywhere! These kids need a wake up call!


        • I must say we as a people are so quick to cast judgement. clearly there seems to be underlying issues at home which would cause a child to leave home and not return at the age of 12. we as a society keep failing our children and quick to blame it on modernized . BS i say. train your child. i hope social services intervene and can get to the bottom of this. Poor child needs help and she needs it urgently before she becomes a victim of her circumstances.


      • You mean till she dead. Then you will one say rip princess, so sad, wicked parents. Stop promoting violence and aggressive behaviors. She must be getting plenty beatings. Might be reason for running. So shut it up!


  4. people get to know the whole story about that girl before u give judgement on the people that have this girl that girl mother spoil that child life from small she was a big woman to take care of herself from small , her own mom eh give a damn about her so when her family took her all I can say it was too late cause to that 12yrs old kid she was a 21yrs old adult , god bless and give the family strength to make this girl remember what it is to be a kid


  5. Where could a 12 year old child be for the last 3 days? The persons harbouring this child should be prosecuted.


  6. Missing more than once is a cause for concern. Mrs Lewis please take the bold step and start to your investigations immediately. This is a troubled teen to be. Question parents and family members. SomeSomething is wrong.


    • it was simply stated that the child has a history of leaving home without her whereabouts being known. that in itself is a red flag of something going in the child's life either at the house or in the area surrounding the house , and an intervention is need. who ever has info about what's going on with this child needs to speak out, the police or social services can't act if nothing is being said to them!


  7. At 12 years old she has a history of being missing?? Intervention needed immediately by human services. Find out if there is a problem in the home and report it to the authorities. Police ? hands are tied till someone makes a report in these cases. Hope u are safe my dear wherever u r


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