12-y-o girl pregnant after rape

12-y-o girl pregnant after rape

black-woman-pregnant-belly-1A 12-y-o girl is now pregnant after being raped by a man in his thirties according to sources.

The girl, who is from a Castries address, was taken to the hospital after complaining of being sick where she was found to be 3 months pregnant.

The alleged perpetrator is believed to be living close to the house of the child’s aunt.

It is believed that it was during a visit to the aunt by the child when the incident took place.

The police is currently investigating.


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  1. This is an age old problem in st lucia, remember when the age of consent was 18 and then they reduced it to 16. Why do you think it was reduced because some dirty old men felt they needed to cover their back. We heard many stories in the past even where a former prime minister had an appetite for underage girls. Men with cruel intentions don't see age all they see is a well developed body that is ripe for the picking. We see it at political rallies and other events such as cricket where these older guys no longer women in their age group or call out to girls in school uniforms.

    Additionally the parents must educate the girls to not fall victim to this issue of being lured by men or tell them if its a case where they want these men as their lovers then , this lover will go to jail once he is found. smh.. its a sex driven world and its about to get worse and we can start by stop dressing the toddlers and girls sexy with adult styles. How can a three year old say her outfit is sexy if she does not understand the difference between a loose dress and a body conscious one. There are girls who dont get attention and love at home and seek it out from any age. there are also men who prey on children and will threaten to kill girls or their love ones if they talk .

    This is why we must try to educate our population on. It can be reduced with prayers, education, stricter laws and just love and attention for the children we make. We must educate our boys that are underage and tell then that underage sex amongst peers is not allowed and not consensual even if she is your school girlfriend or if there is mutual attraction.


  2. Instead of trying to spread the blame, why not help the victim? The Minister for health has recently stated with great bravery and great humanity that abortion is permitted. Let the child regain her life. Why punish the victim again? A child.
    A safe clean abortion is her right, As is her life. Save the blame for the perpetrator. Let the child have her life.


  3. Dear SNO

    I believe you need to alter one of the posters comments. See below an extract from one of the posters which uses the word "f."

    "The parents have alot to do with it too. Parents when you f and make children be prepared to take care of them and in the proper way." posted on 25.10.16 at 2:51pm by Anonymous.

    Thank you.


  4. LOOK HERE, SAINT LUCIA HAVE HUGE SOCIAL PROBLEMS, HUGE !! I just don't understand this place, so backward. The authorities refuse to enforce the law and put law and order in place. All these rapes and molestation going on here has been going on for years. PEOPLE TURN A BLIND EYE. SMH

    The place is so backward you read about people trying to undermine security at the prison by throwing contraband over the fence ever so often. In other places you wouldn't even dream of doing that. HUGE SOCIAL PROBLEMS BABY !!

    They think development is big building and nice roads nope, FALSE !! Your country is dying for enlightenment. !!


  5. When will this epidemic end in SLU? This behavior continues because the culprits know they can get away almost scotch free. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE NOW! This behavior cannot be allowed to continue. I hold the adults fully responsible and please STOP BLAMING THE CHILDREN. They are children for god's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Somebody,somewhere must know mate, spread his picture around social media, we need to know who this pervert is, I'm not advocating anybody doing physical harm to him, but if a sex offenders registry does not exist yet for whatever reason lets put him on blast ourselves, the public needs to know who this pervert is .....................


    • What is it then if it's not rape? In child rape cases the child does not even have to consent for rape to happen. There is no such thing as a child giving her approval for sex. Any unlawful penetration under the age of consent (18) is rape. Whether the child consents or not it is still rape. This awful man had no right to do what he did and he deserves to have his collar felt by the law and to do some serious time for this disgraceful act. He ought to be ashame of himself. Let's hope his family does not try to contact the child's family to settle this out of court. If they do then they ought to have the book thrown at them for contempt and interferring with the course of justice.

      You are one sad and pathetic individual for suggesting otherwise. It's twisted people like you with your unscrupulous comments that fuels the actions of these men of ill-repute and in so doing allowing them to
      get away with heinous acts like this. Read the definition of rape in St Lucia and you will realise that a child does not have to consent for rape to take place. No man should be having sex with a minor - end of. This man deserves everything that is coming to him. Only a family member or someone with links to this cretin will echo something so indefensible and detestable. The is NO justification for rape. None whatsover. No woman or man deserves to be raped. Let's hope justice is served and this paedophile gets done for this unspeakable act. He did the crime and so he should do the time.Folks like you need to put up or shut up.


    • A 12 yr old cannot give consent idiot ! So yes, it is rape! Cannot believe people still think like that. You are the same type of person who will see no problem raping babies because they "wanted it ". How stupid can a person be!


      • You are one sad and sick individual to be saying the things that you have said above. Please read my comments carefully you pathetic excuse for a human being. I said an adult who has sex with a child is committing rape. There is no consent in this. Even if the child were to say yes to the adult it will still be rape. Why don't you read and understand what I wrote? The laws of the land say so. If a child is penetrated then it's rape. No man has a right to sexually violate a minor. Any man who does that deserves to be punished.

        I detest rapes and sexual crimes and I believe that people who commit these acts should be made to account for their actions. They should be put away for these heinous crimes. Your comments about babies are so revolting and sickening I will not even admonish this with a comment. You are one sick individual to even suggest that someone will do something so detestable and grotesque to a baby. How sick are you to even think about this? They say one should never correct a fool and I wish to stick with this proverb.
        Rape is abominable and awful. No one deserves to be raped whether you are man or woman. A man has no right to rape a woman.When a woman says no it should mean no likewise No man should be having sexual intercourse with a minor. It is morally and criminally wrong.


    • it must be you. for you to think that a baby can consent to this. adults are suppose to protect. not steal their innocence. Shame on you to think otherwise.


  7. A child's innocence destroyed. We have some serious debts to pay for the things we allow to happen to our children as a society. All of us have to take blame for these happenings. We need to pray more and raise our sons and daughters better... there must be something we can do. It seems so hopeless at times. I was confused by the news about 'friend' of the family raping this child. What 'friend' of the family?... What nonsense is that? How could we let these monsters into our homes, around our children? Better to paranoid when it comes to our children, rather than pay for it like this.


  8. My question is was this the first time with this man? Does she usually go to her aunt deliberately to see this man? That is no reason for no man to rape children or adults but I am very curious in this particular case because I know these young girls now. They put themselves out for men especially the school children.

    The parents have alot to do with it too. Parents when you f and make children be prepared to take care of them and in the proper way.


    • very ridiculous comment.. the boundary is adult and child.. choops tan.. as an adult isnt he supposed to know better.. freaking excuses.. choops


    • what the helll did this one just say????? Why didn't SNO remove this word???? Dude/lady if you have nothing better to talk about here please don't comment cause you are of no use !!!


  9. Do they teach sex education at school in St.Lucia? she obviously
    was ignorant of what was to come for being careless and stupid.
    Do you get pregnant the first time around? could that not be a
    habitual and continual play till things went too far? who is to blame?
    Didn't the mother not notice a bit of blood on her person? It's all
    too late now. Who is to raise that baby and has she learned her
    lesson? That being her first, will she learn to behave her self now?
    The rapist is to be taught a stiff lesson, and she herself must carry
    a lot of the blame. At 12 years go play with a doll; not that 'Doll'.


  10. St. Lucian men have been raping their own daughters, sisters cousin, wives Sisters for donkey years. But before theyou go to court the rapist will pay them off ant that's all she wrote. Only in St.Lucia the shit will happen smfh


  11. If we as a society, especially government, sit back and do nothing about this rape epidemic that's plaguing this country, will soon find ourselves facing sanctions by the Americans and the European Union, because this tantamounts to the violation and neglect of one's human rights. It is time that the authorities get tough on the perpetrators of the rape crime by first publicising the name and photo of persons charged of such a crime.


  12. What SICK man rapes a 12 year old CHILD; furthermore, IMPREGNATING her! I pray for this little girl, her family, for the things she will never be able to regain and for the scars she will live with for the rest of her life.


  13. There is more to it than just rape. If they realized the child was raped why have her go through this before reporting it to the police. What is going to happen to this baby.


  14. See this is what is upsetting. They get away with it. Just like all the other rape cases. Heard that they have the guy. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone. Show their faces. Reveal their name. Say where they are from. The rapists out there will ALWAYS get away with it cuz we don't embarrass them enough. I bet if it were to do with drugs they would identify them. This country will forever take 5 steps back. If is was the US they would reveal their picture and register them as a sex offender!!!


    • The faces of the rapists or alleged rapists are not exposed as a means of protecting the victim.
      This is solely done for the protection of the victim.
      And St.Lucia is not the only country who has adopted this stance.


  15. As usual, the police is investigating. They are always investigating and nothing comes out of the investigations. According to this report, the scumbag who penetrated this little girl lives near her aunt and therefore there is not much to investigate. This man needs to be brought into lawful custody and charged with the rape of this minor. There are no two ways about this. He should not be getting away with this awful act. If he is found guilty then he should be banged up. He should be sent to prison and made an example of.

    Why was this young kid allowed to go visit the anty all alone? There are so many incidents involving predatory men pouncing on little innocents in St Lucia, and this needs to stop. The authorities need to send out the message loud and clear -'We Are Not Going To Stand For This'. The children are our future and they need to live as children without having pedophiles hunting them down sexually. Why didn't the aunt of this child do something before? This horrible man must have been keeping an eye on this kid. He was most likely monitoring her movements for a while before he pounced. He waited for the opportune moment to do so.

    Parents in St Lucia should always monitor the movements of their kids whenever they go out. They should accompany them so nasty little incidents like this do not occur. Do not leave your kids alone in the company of others and that includes family. This young girl went to visit her anty and she is left nursing a "big Belly" at such an impressionable young age. I hope justice is served and this abominable act is punished. Teach this scumbag a lesson and lock him up for a good while. The kids of St Lucia need to be safe at all times.They need protection from the likes of pitiful creatures like this poor excuse of a man. I hope the new DPP acts quickly to stop this plague that is hitting the island. It's an outrage. Do something about this man and the many others immediately before it's too late Mr. DPP.

    "So mothers hold on to your children,for carnal knowledge is a problem. Even though they looking good,don't dress them up to put men in their mood." Lord Invader


    • "... don't dress them up to put men in their mood."

      Some would disagree with you on this statement, but I agree 100%.

      Yes, men should practice control, but it is also our responsibility NOT to place temptation in their way.

      This is not to say that the child was dressed provocatively. I'm not saying that at all or placing any blame on the child. The man is fully responsible for his actions.


  16. You know I getting tired of all these rapes and those who make it there duty to mess with little children. An example will be made ............


  17. What is this! what about self control! these rapist have no mercy it's a creepy behaviour coupled with a sick mind! and the only remedy for them is castration while conscious in a public setting! Enough already!!!!


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