11Plus Youth Club Summer Camp ends

11Plus Youth Club Summer Camp ends

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 – The 11 Plus Youth Club concluded its first ever two week summer camp for young individuals in the Micoud North constituency.  Expanding the knowledge of the youth and strengthening their understandings about the fundamentals of life was the aim of this initiative.

Chairperson of the Micoud Village Council, Elizabeth Charles applauded the initiative and effort made to empower the young people to face the many challenges in today’s world. Charles urged the young people to be committed in utilizing their knowledge and skills to improve their community and country.

“You have learnt many lessons from this summer camp. Lessons that will help enhance your school work, your many relationships and your personal lives. Now that you have acquired the initial training, make good use of it, take the positive and expand your horizons, there is much room, there is much more to learn.”

Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North, Honourable Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert spoke on the need to celebrate the good in the youth and the community.

“It is one thing to plant a seed, it is another to keep it nourished and ensure that it grows and becomes into full bloom. It is my intention therefore to work with you to ensure that indeed you find the outlet for your exuberance; that indeed many of you that are dancers, singers, writers; those of you who are yearning to become doctors and nurses, teachers, good parents.   I will walk that journey with you and I will continue to source facilitators to guide you in that process.”

Dr. Rigobert expressed her gratitude to the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund SSDF, the Private sector, parents, facilitators and many other sponsors who made the camp a success. In addition, recognition was awarded to the most outstanding performers in this year’s Common Entrance and CXC examinations from the constituency.

Highlights of the summer camp included naming of streets in the Micoud village, placing garbage bins throughout the community and developing the club’s pledge. Participants also acquired skills on etiquette, conflict resolution, anger management, mediation, drug and alcohol awareness, dancing, drama and saving. Approximately seventy students participated in the summer camp ranging from 11 -16 years old.


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