Dudley Frederick’s Bidor Riddim goes viral

Dudley Frederick’s Bidor Riddim goes viral

e7851d7d-b2de-438c-bde8-310e957bbad5The Bidor Riddim produced by Dudley “MrSoFamous” Frederick, which took the island by storm in just days shortly after its release is now listed on Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Android Playstore and iTunes.

The riddim, which originally released with 3 songs sang by “Veaygel – Okay, Freezy -Top up and Havvok – Bumper on fleek, now has over 20 songs and is seeing heavy rotation on the local radio stations.

MrSoFamous told St. Lucia News Online that right now every project that he does and seems satisfied with will be added to the music stores and hopes that other producers will do the same. He also said that he believes that St. Lucia lacks marketing; ” We need to get the music out there, how can we know what the world will think about the music if we are not putting it out for them to listen to. I Have recieved positive feedback about the artistes on the Bidor riddim from some of my dj’s all the way in Africa and some Caribbean islands. So how can we sit back and believe that we are not good enough to take on the world?”

He further added; “We are different. It is time that St. Lucia learns to accept that. We have a different vibe from the other islands, please accept that. And you know we always got a group of people who be like ” no nonsense dem man singing other people eh go understand that” but tell me do you understand “VI” and all those other African songs that you hear? No you do not. However you support them. Support the local artist too! Together we will rise.”


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  1. Good vibes,write music as you see it. I have had Dee-Jays who are into music but,still fights music. You remember,PAW PAW Hi Fi and his brother BURT in Soufriere? BUZZ is another Dee-Jay all these idiots are fighters. How can you say that,you don't like a man songs when you are claiming to be a Dee-Jay and are you not playing to entertained other people? So,because you dont like it,everyone else dont like it? Pathetic!


  2. Great and very knowledgeable point.
    We must support our local artists. Like he said togather we all will raise. Good luck and much success my brother.


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