RSLPF not hugely affected by US aid cut, says acting police chief

RSLPF not hugely affected by US aid cut, says acting police chief
Acting Top Cop Errol Alexander
Acting Top Cop Errol Alexander
Acting Top Cop Errol Alexander

Several internal works have been done at the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), despite United States (U.S) sanctions, Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander has said.

Alexander was speaking in relation to the United States (U.S) government move to withdraw assistance to Saint Lucia following alleged extra-judicial killings back in 2010-2012.

While admitting that the RSLPF is still affected in some ways due to these sanctions, the acting top cop said the Force has been very innovative and productive.

According to him, the executive has managed to keep the Force in shape and has produced positive results. The Force has also successfully trained more police officers, through government’s assistance.

In addition to that, the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourist Association (SLHTA) assisted the police in rolling out an Anti-Crime Christmas Plan and helped to finance 13 more special reserve police officers to be on the streets.

Ever since these alleged extra-judicial killings, the U.S. has moved to revoke the visas of several top police officials including former Deputy Police Commissioner Moses Charles.

The Government of Saint Lucia is still not able to purchase ammunition for the Force’s U.S. made weapons, and members of Force have been blocked from training in the region and elsewhere, which are financed by the U.S. government.

Financial and technical assistance to Saint Lucia’s Coast Guard Unit was also halted.


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  1. Shame and guilt is what brings this topic to discussion....Cause I dont think any superpower wants to fund our justice system and police with backward minds we have dominating it...


  2. What a lot of nonsense, Is this guy living in the real world.What about the big picture?
    I am lost for words to describe the stupidity of this statement and it's possible repercussions.
    Our little Island is in contention with the USA, Uk ,France and the EU.


  3. So what the hell !! train in China or India.
    These two superpowers are more advanced militarily and
    in terms of police technology than the americans.
    St Lucia police please don't let the U.S keep you in the rut.
    Look to the future and to the new superpowers.


  4. Why don't you leave the spin to the politicians, eh? Alexander these US made weapons do not use special one-of-a-kind ammunition found only in the US. 9mm, .38 cal, 7.62mm, .50 cal., are all quite common around the world.


  5. This is what politics does to career civil servants even thsoe who are professionals.

    They allegedly have to protect the government of the day so as to protect their jobs they do so even at the risk of talking nonsense. If that article is correct the PM can tell America piss off and save this whole IMPACS embarrassment. Alexander cannot be for real.

    Two little training from government who never have money always shifting funds from one minsitery to the other to make ends meet and a little 13 jobs help from SLHTA for a few months and he saying things normal. A joke


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