LDF launches Laborie’s Calendar of Events

LDF launches Laborie’s Calendar of Events

labbirdviewPRESS RELEASE – In keeping with the goals of the 2002 Strategic Development Plan for Laborie, the Laborie Development Foundation (LDF) is launching an annual Calendar of Events with immediate implementation this New Year.

The Calendar highlights several events aimed at stimulating economic growth, providing quality entertainment and developing

the arts in Laborie. These events include the:

– Laborie Development Forum: held in February, this event will serve as a platform for public discourse and dialogue on the work of the Laborie Development Foundation and the overall development initiatives in the community.

  • Fèt Pèchè Labowi: Laborie’s Fishers Feast, slated for the last Sunday in June; to celebrate and recognize the efforts and contributions of fishermen and consumers.
  •  Laborie Freedom Mas: on August 1, an event with its main focus on Emancipation and on the historical roots of Carnival in the Caribbean.
  • Creole Heritage Month: Jounen Kwéyòl activities during the month of October including a Creole Jazz Concert.
  • Pan Fiesta: where resident pan side Laborie Steel Pan will showcase its talent alongside fellow pan players and bands from around Saint Lucia.

The initial event headlining Laborie’s Calendar of Events is a novel art event called ‘Paint the Village’, hosted by Jonathan Gladding, featuring and promoting visual arts.

Paint the Village is slated for Thursday 14 through to Saturday 16 January, as part of Nobel Laureate Week. For further Information on the Laborie Calendar of Events contact the LDF Office by telephone at 455-9910 or by email at [email protected]


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