11-year-old that drove truck through home ‘wanted to kill people’

11-year-old that drove truck through home ‘wanted to kill people’

(NEW YORK POST) – Police in Louisville, Ky., said an 11-year-old girl who drove a truck into a family’s home Friday told authorities she “wanted to kill people,” WDRB reported.

“(The officer) couldn’t believe what she said. He was like, ‘excuse me?’ And she said, ‘I wanted to kill people.’ And he said ‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’ And she said, ‘I wanted to kill people,’” Joshua Pate, the homeowner, told the station.

Pate said he overheard the girl while she talked to police. He told police that five children were in the living room at the time of the crash.

The girl’s family said she has autism, the station reported. The girl’s grandmother told the station that the girl may have been influenced by an TV show she watched where the character steals car keys.

The girl was not identified in the report. Authorities said charges are unlikely.

Pate and another driver who said she was hit by the truck, told the station that they are considering a lawsuit against the family.


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  1. I think this is where the family should take full responsibility for the behaviour of their “brain damaged” vulnerable children and ensure that they are not exposed to materials that will negatively influence their behaviour because they do not have understanding of the implications of their behaviour. I am not saying autistic children are a threat to society nor am I saying that they lack social skills. Many are highly functional people but they process the world differently from most of us. Some of them can take metaphorical ideas literally! Many do not run their interpretation pass others to get a balance perspective before taking action. I think autistic children should be treated in the same manner we treat young children and only expose them to age appropriate materials. This eleven year old girl seems to have the intellectual and emotional understanding of a two year old despite having skills to manoeuvre and drive a truck! Even if she said she “wanted to kill people,” that does not mean she understands the meaning of what she said.


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