$100,000 richer, thanks to Digicel’s Share a Smile promotion!

$100,000 richer, thanks to Digicel’s Share a Smile promotion!

Last week Monday the Digicel team surprised and informed young Ruan Branch that she was the ultimate winner of the Digicel Share a Smile promotion. This postpaid customer received $100,000 as her grand prize and she looks forward to putting that money towards her education.

On February 11, 2012, central Castries was a usual hive of activity as its daily commuters traverse the streets taking care of their duties.  As the day continued there would be a slight change in routine for a young teller working in one of the leading financial institutions in St Lucia.

An ambitious, driven, and tenacious individual describe this Digicel winner who was about to get a surprise of a liftime. Excited and ready to give away the $100,000 cash payout, the Digicel team embarked on a journey 10 weeks ago to change the life of that one lucky customer.

Many weekly winners emerged from this promotion and went on to share smiles with their loved ones, buy winning prizes for not one but two. As thousands of Digicel customers participated in this promotion by toping up, paying their bill or joining the Digicel family it all came down to one winner who was going to have their life changed.

Building on the excitement and keeping customers informed, radio personality IWA kept in contact with the Digicel representative via telephone updating everyone on what was happening.  At 2:45 pm Digicel, walking into the bank, asked to speak to Miss Branch, walked over to her station and surprised her with the great news that she was the winner of Digicel’s $100,000 “Share a Smile “promotion.

“I have been a post paid customer with Digicel for two years and never thought I would ever be a winner,” said Miss Branch.

“I am excited that I have won as I have a student loan which I needed assistance with.  Words cannot express how  I feel but thanks to Digicel I will be smiling for a couple days,” Ruan concluded.

As commented by Kerchelle Jn Charles, Marketing Manager “Giving back to our valued customers is something Digicel does with pride and Digicel was happy to do so and change the lives of our customers in the process.”


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  1. The name of the bank has nothing to do with the young lady winning the prize. Its about Digicel and the winner, and the winner's name was mentioned.


  2. She's not too pretty but I'll go & look for her on Fb & CHAT HER TO SEE IF I could get my cut in that money.


    • Lester, stop bullying her, it is not right to damage someone's self-esteem. If you can't say anything good then don't say anything at all. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and your eyes Sir, are 'not too pretty.'

      Do you have to bring someone down just to feel good about yourself, are you that low?

      Elevate yourself and stop looking down on others...except politicians.

      Love a little more!


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