100-y-o NYC runner sets record in 100-meter dash

100-y-o NYC runner sets record in 100-meter dash

2016-05-01 15_07_06-100-Year-Old NYC Runner Sets Record in 100-Meter Dash _ NBC New YorkNBC – Elbows keeping pace, Ida Keeling roused the crowd at this year’s Penn Relays as the 100-year-old Brooklyn woman became the oldest runner to cross the finish line.

This 100-meter dash was a race for the ages – runners 80 and older. Ida clocked in at one minute, 17.33 seconds.

“I’m a nice example of what you can do with yourself, and I thank God everyday for my blessings,” Keeling said Saturday, stealing the hearts of spectators who cheered as Keeling’s daughter Shelley raised her mom’s arms in the celebratory V formation and turned her mom to face her fans in the stands.

Keeling’s story is remarkable not just for her feats as a late-in-life runner, but for the history and heartache of her life – her ability to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

On her own, Keeling raised four children after losing her husband to a heart attack when he was 42. After two of her sons were murdered in what police believe were drug-related killings, Keeling became depressed and her health suffered. Daughter Shelley got Keeling back on her feet, literally.



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