100 Women Who Care St Lucia to celebrate 3rd Anniversary

100 Women Who Care St Lucia to celebrate 3rd Anniversary

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – April 3rd will mark the third anniversary of the inaugural meeting of the 100 Women Who Care St Lucia and a special meeting is planned to celebrate.

Since its inception the group has raised $110,000 for small, local charities. The members meet once every 3 months for one hour, vote which charity to support for the quarter, then give $100 each to the winning charity. With 100 members the group can raise $10,000 at every meeting. The beauty of the organization states Patroness Berthia Parle is its simplicity. “Apart from the one hour meeting and the $100 donation there is nothing else the members have to do”.

Co-chairs Valerie Jenkinson and Trudy Glasgow encourage women who care about their community to join like-minded women at the April 3rd meeting which will be held at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort in Rodney Bay at 6.00pm. “There is no obligation to join if you attend but if you are curious come and see how it works and join in the anniversary celebration where there will be a few surprizes” says Ms. Glasgow. “We have had a number of members leave St. Lucia, and we don’t want to disappoint our charities by raising less money so new members are warmly welcomed”.

On the same evening the newly formed 100 Men Who Give a Damn will hold their own meeting at CoCo Palm Hotel, Rodney Bay at 6pm. They operate in similar fashion to the ladies and are looking for more “super- heroes” to swell their ranks and start rivalling the amount of money raised by the women. Chair Jean St. Rose notes that in the Cayman Island chapter of the 100 Men they have 300 registered members and he hopes that more men will step forward to help those in need here in St Lucia.


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