10 years before Zika Virus vaccine is available claims scientists

10 years before Zika Virus vaccine is available claims scientists

2016-01-27 15_47_38-Zika virus_ US scientists say vaccine '10 years away' - BBC NewsBBC – American scientists studying the Zika virus have warned that it could be a decade before a vaccine is publicly available.

The virus is linked to shrunken brains in unborn children, leading to severe brain damage or death.

It has spread to more than 20 countries, and has caused panic in Brazil where thousands of people have been infected.

There is currently no vaccine or cure, and diagnostic testing is difficult.

The search for a vaccine is being led by scientists at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

They have visited Brazil to carry out research and collect samples, and are now analysing them in a suite of high-security laboratories in Galveston.

But they warn that although a vaccine could be ready for testing in two years, it may be another decade for it to be approved by regulators.



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  1. They say a vaccine may be ready in 2 years but will be ready in 10, awaiting approval of regulars; meaning USA led WHO drug administration. In those 8 years of waiting, the population of countries; mainly 3rd World: will be devastated. Leading to the repopulation by whom. Again Africa is blamed as the culprit for the outbreak. It is known that western pharma has been sending their medical researchers their claiming to help the natives, when in fact they were using the natives to test vaccines on the cheap then manufacture the drugs for the west at prices the Africans could not afford (except the leaders who are fleecing their countries resources), Think about it. With all the medical help since the 19th century, Africans should be the healthiest of all peoples; and what financial gain have they had!!?? Their leaders took that too, Multi-Millionaires and Billionaires in the poorest lands on Earth.


  2. Ten years is a very long time. We really need to protect ourselves in St. Lucia. That is why we as human beings should love each other as you never know when unfortunate circumstances or tragedy occurs. Love and respect each other people.


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