10-year-old commits suicide in Guyana

10-year-old commits suicide in Guyana
Dead: Rishie Mohabir known as ‘Raj’
Dead: Rishie Mohabir known as ‘Raj’

(NEWS ROOM GUYANA) — Darshanie Roopnarine remains in a state of shock and has more questions than answers following the suicide of her 10-year-old son Rishie Mohabir known as ‘Raj’ Friday afternoon in Bush Lot Village, Corentyne Berbice.

The 35-year-old mother of five told News Room she left her son in a jovial mood flying his kite in the yard before she and other relatives ventured a few villages away for a fishing trip so they can prepare meals later.

Darshanie Roopnarine says she is at a loss as to why her youngest son would take his life

“When we leaving to catch fish he ask to come but I say ‘no son you nah gon manage…[we have to] cross trench and suh.’ [He made] a small heart shape kite and then I tell he alright… eat when you done,” the distraught mother recalled to News Room.

The former student of Crabwood Creek Primary school was found dead by his 16-year-old sister in a shack in the yard.

The teen quickly alerted an older sister and neighbours.

The mother said she did not believe the news when a neighbour told her what happened.

“When me was catching fish, me neighbour come and say go home now you son [killed himself], so me say Uncle [you’re joking]”.

“I still didn’t believe…is when me reach home and see me start holler…Meh just left shock and sit down and lef right there next to he till the Police come.”

Roopnarine is at a loss for a reason as to why her youngest son would take his life.

She recalled that some time ago he “playfully” took a rope and wrapped it around his neck but she warned him that it was dangerous.

She explained that Raj lost his father when he was just six months old and since then she has been struggling to provide food and shelter for her children but still showed them love.

“Me does try and sacrifice fuh all of them and find and give them, me nah know why he guh do that. Me can’t say. Only God know why.

“I ask he sister them if he was ok. Them nah tell he nothing so [I don’t know]. He just tell [his sisters] that he going to pick mangoes.”

In light of the unfortunate incident, the mother is seeking assistance to help with the funeral for her son. The family can be reached on telephone number 626-2014.


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  1. Thats why you dont leave your kids alone or with other people and all over the place. You take them with you everywhere


    • Stop it stupid. How in the hell you take them everywhere? Kneegrow put the crack pipe down I hope you went everywhere with your mother,may be she didn't have to work. And I hope you take yours with you all over dummy.


      • Guyana is very hard. I feel this mother pain, struggling to provide for her family. There is no way she can take her kids all over. Especially fishing crossing trenches with a 10 years old! Dont judge the book by its cover. May God comfort this family with his loving mercy.


  2. "She recalled that some time ago he “playfully” took a rope and wrapped it around his neck but she warned him that it was dangerous." I wonder if he did in fact willfully commit suicide, or he was being curious again and it ended in his death. Sad situation. I pray the family finds comfort. May be RIP.


  3. This is just heart breaking yo read. I can't imagine what this mother is going through. May the good Lord look over her and her kids. SIP my little man lost for words.


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