10-year-old boys accused of mugging St. Lucian granny in NY, setting store on fire

10-year-old boys accused of mugging St. Lucian granny in NY, setting store on fire


NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Sometimes the criminals start young.

A pair of 10-year-old terrors attacked a kind-hearted 67-year-old Brooklyn grandmother as they tried to rob her of her purse, police and witnesses said Tuesday.

The two tykes were taken into custody, but only after they attacked a cop trying to grab hold of them, witnesses said.

The elderly woman was on Empire Blvd. and Rogers Ave. in Crown Heights at 2 p.m. Monday when five youths — the youngest four — approached her.

“Oh my god, I’m so stressed over it,” the brutalized senior, who did not wished to be named, said about the attack. “It was broad daylight. All they cared about is my bag. They wanted my bag.

“It’s really sad because I’m a mother, a grandmother, an aunt,” she said. “I hope they get help. All I’m praying is somebody gets help for them and their parents.”

When the kids approached, the victim didn’t think anything of it at first — and was willing to help the children out, according to the victim’s cousin, who would only identify himself as Wilson.

Charges to be laid 

A 10-year-old charged with mugging a Brooklyn grandmother earlier this week turned up the heat on his tiny wave of terror — adding arson to his list of offenses, cop sources said Wednesday.

The pint-sized perp, who may have ties to a Crips set in the area, is now accused of setting fire to an East Flatbush store, police sources said.

“It’s just disheartening,” said community leader Tony Herbert, who had been in touch with the boy’s family. “Unfortunately, something is wrong with this boy, but we can’t give up on him.”

Charges against the kid were pending Wednesday evening.

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  1. At this tender age already in gang and robbing people so sad. No parental control. If you read the entire article his aunt is already making excuses. It wasn't him , he is a good boy they don't care what anyone says. Can clearly see this boy future and where he is heading. Instead of trying to get him help so he can change and become a productive member of society, the family is denying he have a problem by claiming it's not their child


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