$1.4 million contract signed for feeder and agricultural roads project

$1.4 million contract signed for feeder and agricultural roads project

PRESS RELEASE – On Tuesday 7th July 2015, the Feeder and Agricultural Roads Project ((FAAARP II) of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport (MIPST) moved one step further when a contract for Consultancy Services for the Technical – Economic Feasibility Study and detailed Engineering Designs and Environmental Impact Assessment was signed.

Following an International Open Competitive Tender process which commenced in December 2014, the No Objection was issued by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KAFED), and an award was made by the Central Tenders Board on May 13th 2015.

The successful bidder is the consortium of NARCO Engineering Consultants and FDL Consults INC. The contract is valued at EC $1,418,237.50 inclusive of VAT. This consultancy will be entirely funded from Grant Funding received from KAFED.

This project is intended to examine approximately 38 Km of feeder and agricultural roads that the Government is desirous of rehabilitating. These roads are primarily located in the Islands South East, and are listed as follows:

1. Cooa – En Bamboo – Savanne Vieux Fort North
2. Grace Woodlands – Vielle Litre Vieux Fort North
3. Main Traverse – Belmont Road Dennery North
4. Patience Lombard – Mt. Eole Micoud North
5. Bazille Road Dennery South
6. Mardi Gras Dennery North
7. Fond Desir Dennery North
8. Piat Roads Gros Islet
9. Minea – Pelouge Extension Micoud North
10. Morne Bois Den Vieux Fort North
11. Praslin Minee Micoud North
12. Vigier – Cacoa Vieux Fort North
13. Viancelle – Mouclay Vieux Fort North
14. Viancelle – La Source Vieux Fort North
15. Bwa Grand Fond Vieux Fort North

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport is particularly excited about this development as it represents a very important step in bringing much needed relief to the farming community. The MIPST recalls that FAARP I which was completed in 2012 brought tremendous relief to the farming community. The MIPST appreciates the important link that exists between good farming roads and high yields and quality agricultural produce.

The consortium was represented by Mr. Gilbert Fontenard of FDL Consult INC. The consultants have 46 weeks to submit their report, while Mr. Fontenard expressed the hope that the exercise would be completed way ahead of schedule.


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  1. T kwa ah chou Kenny. We not stoopid anymore. Money and projects cannot buy our votes. Try that with the senior citizens. Not this young generation. We eating all you'll money next year and we voting you out. No roads for bexon/ castries south east. bull shit


    • I farm in Mahaut. The roads are a mess, but tell Kenny to hold his ass, he won't be there after the next election anyway!


  2. Let them splurge money in excesses because it is election time just to buy votes. We coming just like Greece. Overburdened with debt. Sad thing is that its the people and the country that suffer. The politicians just fly away and leave their mess behind


  3. I see the majority of construction will be at Vieux Fort North and Sth., Dennery Nth.,and some here and there. What does that tell you? is it election time? nothing in the West Coast?


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