UWP sets up party support groups in New York, Toronto

UWP sets up party support groups in New York, Toronto

Political Leader and Deputy Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet and Senator Lenard “Spider” Montoute have returned from North America where, among other engagements, they held two highly successful meetings with the Saint Lucian Diaspora living in New York and Canada.

The animated dialogue focused on matters of grave importance such as public safety, affordable quality healthcare, education and the current Saint Lucia Labour Party administration.

Chastanet explained that the meeting was long overdue and well received.

“The purpose of the meetings was to help set up UWP party support groups in New York and Toronto. The constitution of the party allows for the participation of the Diaspora and so we have had meetings in London, England, and more recently, Toronto, Canada and New York in the United States.”

Chastanet says a select number of people were invited to the recent meetings in North America and adds that the support groups can now participate in executive meetings as well as the party’s convention each year and more importantly, in the strategies moving forward.

He said while the party is engaging the Diaspora at this time, the formulation of policy is not on the agenda for discussion.

“The initial meetings do not involve any discussion on policy — the meetings are specifically designed to get the structure of these groupings together. So it’s getting like-minded people who support the party and who would like to see something different happening.”

The Toronto and New York meetings were held November 7 and 8.

The next round of meetings will take place in January 2014 in Atlanta and Texas.


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  1. Power hungry Chastanet. Those guys act like they were born to only be on top.Pray for us if this guy ever becomes our Prime Minister!


  2. Pros -
    SLP: great as opposition
    UWP: great ideas

    SLP: not ready to run the country.
    UWP: Don't know how to execute ideas (UWP
    died with Mr. Compton)

    What we need is the support of the people of this country to help the government instead of fighting down SLP or UWP (which ever party in power).


  3. I am not so concerned about Spider and Allen. They are within their rights to seek support. I am and however remaine very concern as to what my Government is doing to get us out of these troubling issues. My government from the time it came to office has been on the campaign trail.

    It is so sad that nobody is attending to our problems and so hard to find. Yet still we can find them at every constituency meeting.

    I would like a government who would take care of the needy among us, reduce VAT, provide easy access to business, educational, deveopment loans at reduced interest rates, Reduce the price of imputs to agriculture with a view to creating linkages in manufacturing, Fix our judiciary and police without trying to trick us to join CCJ, Get the youths to work. Provide hotspots around the country so that the youths can access internet, remove VAT on medication, fix the roads, Stop taking advantage of the public through the delivery of public services at Registries, Passport office. Stop giving oportunities to selected people in the country, stop blaming others for anything and Stop the dammn pompus and vindictive attitutes. There are about 100 others but can we work on these for now.


  4. Politics, Politics and more of it. I'll tell you one thing when a man wants to get something and he will do almost anything to get it....By any means necessary-Malclom X


  5. Hi good day, this comment actually has nothing to do with the topic but plz read
    As you may or may not know, The Philippines recently got hit by a devastating Typhoon. They need our help, so plz donate if you can. Lets send our support. Give hold heartedly, I know that you may be thinking we our a small country and we have our own problems to deal with but lets help out a country in need and it will come back to us. I am appealing to everyone, give what you can


  6. These problems are nothing new. If my memory serves me right, they existed before 2012 and the same players were talking solutions...justlike now. Both parties are clueless when it comes to solving the problems of the day. It is the same characters rehashing the usual dribble. I feel pity for people who subscribe to the idea that this time it will be different even when the same structures are in place.


  7. Do uiknow where in Atlanta these meetings will be held. please provid an address thanks. Lucian leaving in New York.


  8. Only ignorant people let politics divide them.Allen is doing nothing wrong.Shut your traps and leave him alone,he is not going to ride the backs of St.Lucians daban epocwit!


  9. Way to go Allen. The new UWP preparing for return to Governance. Engaging Saint Lucians locally and in the Diaspora. Every concerned Saint Lucian is critical in this process of returning pride and dignity to our beloved homeland.


  10. Both parties should refrain from exporting their party crap to St. Lucian communities overseas. This activity causes divisions among the communities and reduces cohesion to face national events.Both parties are self-destructive and the fruits of their work can be seen across the island. Simply view those clowns as a mild version of the Bloods and Crips who are willing to climb on the backs of the ignorant to snatch the spoils. In fact both parties are alike; the only difference is the degree of inefficiency taking place at any moment. No red or yellow tours please, please.


    • I think you need to go back and
      read what was discussed.

      "The animated dialogue focused on matters of grave importance such as public safety, affordable quality healthcare, education and the current Saint Lucia Labour Party administration"(Labour Party administration or the Government)


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