STORY OF INTEREST: Anaconda discovered in Grenada

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The Anaconda discovered in Grenada.

Authorities in Grenada are investigating how a juvenile Green Anaconda ended up in the country after the snake was discovered last weekend in the Bathway area of the parish of St. Patrick by two men who were on a fishing expedition.

The snake, which is 8 feet long and about 2 years old, was discovered dining on two iguanas.

Grenadian authorities say this species, which is native to South America, may have been a pet which escaped or was dumped by its owner. Either way, the authorities say they will not return it if anyone claims the snake, and it will not be released back into the wild.

Officials say they will not only search the area of the pond where the snake was found but the entire Bathway area to ensure there are no other snakes of that kind in the area or around Grenada because the country has no natural predators for them.


10 thoughts on “STORY OF INTEREST: Anaconda discovered in Grenada

  1. Anonymous

    I guess with nature and global climate changes. An anacando find its way on the Island. Maybe all those crazy hurricane

  2. Anonymous

    This thing could have posibly hitch hike on those bardges or containers which carry wood from the latin American countries.


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