Saint Lucia remains a safe tourist destination: Tourism Minister

By SNO Staff

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Minister Dominic Fedee

Minister Dominic Fedee

Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee maintains that Saint Lucia is one of the safest places to visit in the Caribbean, stating that there is no information to suggest that crime has had a significant impact on visitors experience.

Fedee said like every other place in the world, there is crime and as a citizen and resident of Saint Lucia he feels safe, although admitting that there might be some places people should avoid.

“I would like Police Department and the Home Affairs Ministry to speak with more specificity and wisdom on the situation, as it relates to crime on the island and the implications it has one tourists and people who have invested here,” the minister said on Monday.

As it relates to cruise ship tourists being allegedly robbed in the city, Fedee said the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Ministry of Tourism continues to dialogue with private sector partners to see how best they can collectively deal with these and other challenges facing the tourism sector.

“We need to take a comprehensive look at the industry and we need to respond in a more holistic way,” he asserted.

Asked if he would recommend having a high police presence on the streets of Castries to avoid muggings, Fedee said,  “you don’t want to make your destination look like a military parade.”

However, he assured the public that his ministry is working closely with the Home Affairs Ministry to see how best they could address the issue, so that there is less cases.

But more importantly, he said, “I think it is a problem for all us and I think we need to embrace it as our own.”

While in opposition, Fedee had suggested a bi-partisan approach towards tackling the crime situation.

“I think it has to be a joint parliamentary approach, whereby Parliament needs to set up a sub-committee to oversee crime and deal with it very urgently,” he told the media in December 2015.

Saint Lucia has long been considered a dangerous place to travel due to high level of crime.

In 2014, Saint Lucia was ranked as one of the top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations in the world, according to an article on an international cruise website –

And in 2015, the US State Department warned Americans that crime is rising, with tourists being “targeted often” for petty crime, especially in the island’s capital, Castries.

In August 2016, Canadian government issued an upgraded advisory warning its nationals to exercise a high degree of caution when travelling to Saint Lucia due to moderate crime rates.

The advisory said its citizens should avoid places like: Marchand, Broglie Street, Grass Street, Leslie Land, and Wilton’s Yard, located off of Chausee Road, because of high rates of crime in those areas.

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  1. Smh... Mr. Fedee provides no facts to back up his statements

  2. De place safe garcon. You eh see how often chastenet does visit nowadays.

  3. Of course it is very safe in Castries. With just lightly armed 15 police men in Castries on the streets we are all safe.

  4. What has changed. Uwp Declared under slp that it was not safe because of high crime.

  5. Mr. Fedee, a high police presence doesn't make me think of a parade. It makes me feel safer. Let's stop being reactionary and be proactive.

  6. SL is safe for tourists right now. Its heads up hockey for locals however.

  7. BS. In Rodney Bay, Marigot and Soufriere there is harassment of tourists on the beach, people have tried to get rangers or a police presence only to be told, " sorry we dont have the resource" meanwhile tourists get harassed and robbed and even raped, Minister you live in a fantasy world, get real, tourism is our main income generator and you sit in your ivory tower and talk rubbish, get some action, get police presence on the beaches, sort this out once and for all, because where there is money the lowlifes will come, Visit the tourist places and see for yourselves, you are so, so wrong. You don't even know what you are talking about.

  8. Really Dominic;
    Let be honest! this will be the first part to addressing the problems we have in our beautiful Island call home. St Lucia will always be home to me, but as someone who is in the tourism and hospitality industry we have to be honest with ourselves and the situation at hand so we can address the crimes against tourist and to educate the public on the multiplier effect it has on the country as a hole. This is an area that we have to address sooner rather than later.

  9. Unfortunately for the reputation of St Lucia, it does have a huge crime problem, compared to its sq footage and population. This is not at all new information, this has been an ongoing issue for many years and will only worsen if representatives of the government refuse to acknowledge that.
    The problem must be accepted and acknowledged before real solutions can be found.
    Dominic Fedee sounds like a very uneducated individual when he says St Lucia is the safest island in the Caribbean. No, it is not. Every single island in the Caribbean is struggling with similar issues. Lack of jobs, low income paying jobs, high cost of living, drugs and drug use, guns and gun violence, petty theft, burglary, low standard of living, poor medical facilities, disenchanted youth, etc.
    When visitors are being raped, robbed, attacked, and killed on the island, to the point where countries around the world are issuing travel advisories, then St Lucia has a problem.
    A travel advisory is like a death knell for any tourist destination ~ unless that destination changes its environment for the better, and quickly, they might as well kiss their tourism dollars away.

  10. The important thing is how people on the out side perceive the security situation is inside the country. In as much as you fedee would like potential visitors and visitors to feel safe that's not how they feel. Any fool would conclude this is the case given the need for ORC and its consequences in IMPACS. Is it unreasonable to think that this information in now in the hands of all holiday packaging firms in North America and indeed Europe? The actions of Washington in relation to the RSLPF speaks loud and clear: there is a crime situation in St Lucia which the government have failed to get a grip of in a lawful and responsible way! So before you open your big mouth start addressing the issue of the extrajudicial killings which lead to impacs and lets us a curb in gun crimes, crimes against women etc. When this is done and successful it is then and only then can you make such a statement.

  11. Mr. Federal must stop sugarcoating the crime situation in st.lucia and get back to reality. The safest cities in the world have a high visible police presence. There is nothing wrong with that. It's better to have parades rather than funerals.

  12. Yeah? Well how safe is that tourist with all that mud under her shoes?

  13. Smh


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