Canada visa fee changes coming

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The government of Canada is set to introduce changes to its temporary visitor visas as of February 6, 2014. The announcement was made by Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada – the department responsible for citizenship and immigration processing in Canada.

In his statement the minister explained that the new changes were designed to appeal to “ the needs of international travellers who are looking for flexible, fast and convenient options to come to Canada”.

Key changes will be the harmonizing of the single and multiple-entry visa fees, under the temporary resident visa (TRV). Under the new scheme, applicants of the TRV will automatically be considered for a multiple-entry visa, which allows qualified visitors to come and go from Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years without having to reapply each time. The processing fee for visitors applying for stay under the (TRV) will be reduced from CAD $150 to CAD $100.

Alternatively, visitors applying for study permits will incur a CAD $25 fee increase to make the new application fee CAD $150. While visitors applying for work permits will incur a CAD $5 fee increase, the new application fee being CAD$ 155.

The fee increases come after a 20 year freeze on visa fees and is designed to relieve some of the burden placed on Canadian tax-payers by more accurately reflecting the real cost of processing applications.

Currently, Canada welcomes more than 35 million visitors to its shores each year and continues to offer the most competitively priced temporary entry visitor visas when compared to the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Applicants from Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean are advised that all visa and immigration applications are processed at the High Commission of Canada in Trinidad only. All fees are payable in Canadian Dollars and are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of your application.

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15 thoughts on “Canada visa fee changes coming

  1. Canada

    Unfortunately some uneducated comments are being left. Let me clear up some miscommunications; Canada has allowed St. Lucians to come here without Visa's for a long time, rather than staying for the time alotted by the government people choose to abuse that and claim refugee and sit on welfare while collecting better healthcare then born Canadians. Trust me when I tell you that is Canadian borns being treated as third class. Canada caters to everyone but their own. So due to people coming to Canada and abusing the system in place to really help those in need Canada had to place the Visa because of the burden placed on tax payers. I don't know if you read the article properly but they want to make your stays longer here and your visa valid for longer. If you do not have the means to support your visit or you have a criminal record than really you shouldn't be able to visit because criminals whom are not rehabilitated usually commit crimes on a reoccurring basis which means you may actually commit an offence here and you will become a burden on tax payers because tax payers will pay for your legal aid and any incarceration you may have to serve. So good don't come to Canada lol

  2. Glendora

    Do we need to pay so much money for a Visa when we simply need to visit Canada for just a week or two, do we need to pay so much money for that, when we don't plan to return there.

  3. Glendora

    Do we need a Visa if we are just visiting for a week or two, and don't plan to visit again, some of us may just have to visit a sick relative but don't plan to return, do we have to pay all that money for a visa

  4. Anonymous

    What's about the poor, seriously? Some ppl can be very cold hearted. They refuse more black ppl for visa than any other.

  5. Concern Citizen

    Canada i like you for helping majority of my neighbors but am not in love with you...soo keep your visa PLEASE


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